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Random stuff I find, read, watch and enjoy (and believe you will do too)

Random stuff I find, read, watch and enjoy (and believe you will do too)

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Another Recap 🏴

In the heat of everything that has been taking place throughout the world it’s encouraging, inspiring and very educational to hear the many voices that need to be heard and understood and see the extraordinary initiatives all over the world in search for more…


Another Recap ⚪ Less is Less

At ...,staat we launched a fun side-project call Got Your Back to bring expressions of optimism and design to video conference calls (because we all find ourselves in so many these days...)This curated selection of virtual backdrops by internationally known d…


🏃‍♂️ Another Excuse for Running ❤️

As said, quite a lot happened over the past years. In essence, I reached rock bottom, climbed up, and kicking around again at the moment (If you want to know the more personal story, read it on my Speed of Solitude journal).To celebrate this, we are raising m…


〰️ On Sameness 〰️

Sameness is, and will be, a big part of what we think, do and share around and here in the newsletter too. I truly believe that sameness is killing us. We live in a time where originality is declining in a rapid tempo. For Chris and myself Another …


2018 🔪 Reduce

Dezeen: Muji is not just about minimalism and simplicity, says art director Kenya Hara.The end of the social era can’t come soon enough acording to Vanity Fair—Seth Godin on why you should take time to read at work — shared this interesting story on Co…


Another Thing 💬 🗯️ The Story Issue

At NewWerktheater we are really excited to present The Summer Book Exhibition! (as published before on We've curated 10 iconic images out of the self-published travel diary by Arthur Groenveld and Bamboo van Kampen, collectively known as Arturo Ba…


Another Thing 💥 The Fallen Bird

We're very honoured to also release another collaboration, with the Belgium jewellery designer Peter Vermandere. A day after a passenger plane was deliberately crashed by its pilot Vermandere made this small 'skull plane' pin. More on that this Friday!


Another Thing 👀 The Curious Issue


Another Thing 🛰️ The Restart Issue


Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #15

While we’re wrapping up 2016 we’re looking back to all the things we did with Another Something. We’ve shared so many great features on fashion, travel, craftsmanship, creative culture, printed matter, cycling and photography, did some super inspiring intervi…


Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #14

These crazy times... I've read a lot over the past weeks, trying to understand the essence of whats going on: the power of algorithms, how internet changed our ability to see something in-between like or dislike, good or bad, black or white, how it is or isn'…


Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #13


Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #12



Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #11

At ...,staat we designed the identity for Big Art, a new initiative by Anne van der Zwaag showcasing more than 30 oversized artworks this coming November at Capital C Amsterdam (former Diamantbeurs). With Another Something we're going to feature a selection o…


Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #10

- -


Another Thing - Issue #9

Last quote and quick read why we all need to stop brainstorming. Amen to that!—


Another Thing We See - Issue #8



Another thing we see — Nº7

...The re-brand of the natural fragrance brand Abel, launching this september....Branding a fictive football club for a movie. Soon more on that!...An artist edition project with Another Something...Some lovely projects at ...,staatAnd much more.


Another thing we see — Nº6



Another thing we see — Nº5

Last but not least: I'm super stocked to share we are working on a re-design of the Travelteq brand. As a long time friends from the brand and the people behind it's an honour to help them onto the next level. Stay tuned...