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Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #15

Joachim Baan — Another Thing - Issue #15
By Joachim Baan • Issue #15 • View online
It’s been a while since last letter but wanted to make sure to end this last day of the year with a proper wrap-up. Here’s to 2017!

While we’re wrapping up 2016 we’re looking back to all the things we did with Another Something. We’ve shared so many great features on fashion, travel, craftsmanship, creative culture, printed matter, cycling and photography, did some super inspiring interviews and worked on fantastic projects. It was the year where we decided to do ‘Less but Better’ and it really worked out! From creating less but better content with Another Something, to focussing on the things we really enjoy; building brands. We stepped down as creative partner at Tenue de Nîmes, ended our adventure with Our Current Obsessions and decided to celebrate our collaboration with …,staat in merging Atelier Joachim Baan into …,staat and NewWerktheater from the start of 2017 onwards. There’re some projects we’ve been working on over the past months we’re not yet allowed to share but can’t wait to show early 2017! Overall exciting times!
Here’s what we’ve loved in 2016
The best documentary we’ve seen was The Challenge, the latest work of Italian visual artist and director Yuri Ancarani. The new project took Ancarani to the deserts of Qatar, where he both portrays the sport of falconry and the excessively rich who engage in it, without taking a stance, silently observing.
One of the most exciting interviews we did was with the founder of the new sportswear/running brand Satisfy. Last Summer, Brice presented a new project named Satisfy, this time infusing a new cultural elan into the perfect, performance orientated, world of running gear.
The most relevant and inspring artist duo was definitely Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin with their new work ‘Don’t Start With The Good Old Things But The Bad New Ones’. “…in Broomberg & Chanarin’s works it is the image that disrupts and, in doing so, creates distance between the viewer and the content, and a new level of reflection.“
As share earlier today: Our favourite project we’ve been working on was for sure Abel. Getting a carte blanche to create a brand within our own believes was truly amazing!
We’ve visited the exhibition of Panos Tsagaris earlier this year in Brussels and where blown away by the aesthetics and a sharp thought-provoking frame of the truly incredible ‘Golden Newspapers’ works on paper. Exciting news is that we will work together with Panos later in 2017. Can’t wait for that!
The most inspiring interview we did is always hard to choose, but Cleon Peterson was definitely one of them! “Cleon Peterson speaks his mind without filter, in the exact same way as he creates his work.”
Our favourite photographic project was by the very talented Dutch photographer Robin de Puy who set off across the United States in May 2015 in search for peace of mind resulting in the exhibition with the title ‘If this is true… 8,000 Miles on a Motorcycle in the USA’.
And on a different level it was Alexis Vasilikos’s Dystopian Sequence felt just very relevant these days. Named ‘Dystopian Sequence’, in his latest output Vasilikos presents a series of images about love in the times of choleric capitalism.
Definitely the most exciting project we’ve worked on was Mottainai. Inspired by the Japanese ‘Mottainai’ (もったいない) tradition which is centered around the idea that every object has a soul and should never be wasted, we are still beyond the moon, together with optical expert Bijan Azami, to have launched the Mottainai Nº 1: a timeless pair of sunglasses created to last a lifetime.
For now: More Love, Less Fear for 2017!
Chris & Joachim
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