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Another thing we see — Nº6
By Joachim Baan • Issue #6 • View online
Revue, this lovely mail tool, is friendly pushing me every Sunday morning to send this news letter. But apart from the lack of time to do this, I think it’s better to select only the most inspiring things flying by instead of filling mailboxes with the mediocre, since there’s already ‘too much whatever’ as Geert Bruloot likes to call it in his latest interview with 1Granary Magazine (read down here).
So here’s number 6, with an eye on the future.

‘James Barrat compares the situation to our reaction if the Centers for Disease Control issued a serious warning about vampires in our future.’
Yusuke Seki
The Future is in the details
“The parts that you don’t see often matter the most. The smallest, well-intended rituals and gestures matter and the energy they generate infuse into space, spirit, and eventually the product itself. It’s why the philistine plagiarists who attempt to copy what we do always fail – always.”
Future Sounds
Emotional Intelligence
There is too much whatever.
Enjoy the Future!
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Joachim Baan

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