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Another Thing 💬 🗯️ The Story Issue

Another Thing 💬 🗯️ The Story Issue
By Joachim Baan • Issue #19 • View online
First a little housekeeping: I’ve merged the Another Something newsletter subscribers into the Revue list (thanks for the support Revue!) since this is, besides a personal one, also Another’s newsletter. Hope you’ll enjoy!
Probably every issue could be called The Story Issue, but this 19th issue of my newsletter is more packed with stories and storytelling than before. There are so many events to share and stories to tell, and over the past weeks so many good things happened, so lets start with this: We did this super exciting collaboration with Lennard Kok - a porcelain sculpture called Fallen Bird (read below). We started an event-heavy month at Newwerktheater with Johan Kramer last Sunday, Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe’s ‘European Encounters’ coming weekend, Arturo Bamboo and Kennedy Magazine doing a special exhibition on the 17th (more info below), One Shot Editions with Halal joining us the 24th, HowWow on the 30th of November showcasing the most mind boggling advertisements and the people behind them, and a very exciting one, our collaboration with Jackie Villevoye launching amazing hand-embroidered art pieces on December the 1st (more on that one in coming issues). 
We’re on full speed working on some new and existing sportswear brands, hotel branches, fashion houses and much more (to share later) here at …,staat while meanwhile still cycling on- and off-road
Below more about those fallen birds, photographic journeys, podcasts stories, the importance of making mistakes, our feature on the most promising young Belgium artist we’ve seen in times and all the randomness I could fit into this issue (plus as always some proper storytelling fresh and new with emoticons)

Now available — Fallen Bird
Now available — Fallen Bird
Maekan Podcast Setup
Maekan Podcast Setup
— Friday 17th Nov. from 5pm til 8pm at NewWerktheater —
— Friday 17th Nov. from 5pm til 8pm at NewWerktheater —
At NewWerktheater we are really excited to present The Summer Book Exhibition! (as published before on We’ve curated 10 iconic images out of the self-published travel diary by Arthur Groenveld and Bamboo van Kampen, collectively known as Arturo Bamboo. A collection of intimate snapshots, portraits and landscapes shot around various places along the Mediterranean, that let you disappear into an endless summer. 
The Dutch couple, currently living in Berlin, launched their Summer Book in Hydra, Greece, in collaboration with Kennedy Magazine. For this exhibition Arturo Bamboo return to their former hometown of Amsterdam, joined by founder of Kennedy Magazine Chris Kontos, who will present the latest issue, nr 7. With NewWerktheater they will present 10 XL prints, signed and numbered in editions of 8, only available during the exhibition and in the NewWerktheater ShopShopShop afterwards.
Come and join us at the opening of The Summer Book by Arturo Bamboo + the launch of Kennedy Magazine #7.
Friday 17th Nov. from 5pm til 8pm at NewWerktheater, Oostenburgergracht 75, Amsterdam.
Keep an eye on the NewWerktheater event page on  Facebook for updates on this, and hope to see the the 17th!
— This exhibition is generously supported by Wetransfer —
Lisbon Love
Lisbon Love
Power to the Masks
 Blue Planet II
Blue Planet II
Bendt's Universe
Bendt Eyckermans in his studio
Bendt Eyckermans in his studio
Wise words by Seth Godin
Wise words by Seth Godin
Random Random Random Notes
I’m adding this part to share interesting randomness without a long story. Just interesting stuff from all around.
😎 W Magazine: Hi, Supreme. Barbara Kruger just made her own skateboards with a message: “Don’t Be a Jerk”
📝 Notion is my new favourite collaborative writing app for notes, tasks, and wikis.
🧠 ‘It looks more and more like the positive stress of exercise prepares cells and structures and pathways within the brain so that they’re more equipped to handle stress in other forms.’  The NYT on why exercise makes you less anxious.
🤯 Fastcompany on visual design in the Trump age, or how the “anxiety and disorder of our time” is changing.
🎨 Quartz — Barack Obama’s official presidential portrait will be done by Kehinde Wiley for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
🤳 Wired on Selfie Factories — the rise of the made-for-instagram museum. ‘…has given rise to a new genre of installations, which seem to exist only to produce the perfect photo.’
🔮 An interesting book to read: Soonish — Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything by Zach Weinersmith. 
👕 My favourite New Yorker sharing his favourite printed t-shirts: Tee of the Week by Chris Black on Garage.
📚 I love rare books! The Economist 1843 shared an interesting view on how to start collecting and investing in it.
🎒 The Wall Street Journal sharing this story — my worst nightmare is coming true! (I hate backpacks, sorry)
🚢 Aeon — From the Red Sea to Hong Kong in 10 minutes - a stunning cargo-ship timelapse.
🤬 Vox shared this story from a Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes: "Not giving a shit takes the wind out of an asshole’s sails.”
That's it for now. Thank you!
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