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Another Thing 👀 The Curious Issue

Another Thing 👀 The Curious Issue
By Joachim Baan • Issue #17 • View online
A new issue full of randomness. I was trying to find a certain shared theme in the things I saw over the past weeks, but I guess it was just all over curiousness. It was about learning anything, or how to keep up with hardly everything (if you find yourself too often lost in your newsfeeds). It touched a little bit of outrage (a story on how your fear and outrage are being sold for profit), and even more outrage (and a reason for me to move away from FB and others). It also touches todays heated discussions on Bitcoins (Bitcoins?) and why they might be worth nothing. Why the iPhone X might be the last smartphone to matter at all, and my favourite word featuritis (scroll down for an explanation on that one). 
But as usual there were also many beautiful things like this new book (A playful celebration of one of the most irreverent labels in fashion and design) or the endless search for quality and craftsmanship by my friend Koen Tossijn. I got inspired by this concept of drone graffiti (an old one) and stealth wear (clothes to hide from drones and their infrared camera’s). And I’ll share my favourite newsletters and digital publications you’d need to subscribe to to stay in the know. 

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
Offline Only
Amsterdam by Yoshinori Mizutani
👟 Balenciaga Triple S Trainer
⌚ Farer Watches
📷 A masterpiece in the making
Ryan Wilson in Bolivia
Ryan Wilson in Bolivia
🏃The Best Boutique Running Brands
Sang Blue
The Kinfolk Entrepreneur
My favourite word by far: Featuritis.
My favourite word by far: Featuritis.
Golden Newspapers by Panos Tsagaris
Golden Newspapers by Panos Tsagaris
As mentioned above, here’s a list of my favourite 📥 newsletters and digital publications to stay in the know:
Chris Black’s Public Announcement - for all the cool and random of the web.
Lean Luxe - for everything luxury and retail related.
Maekan - for the curious. They’re here to ‘uncover the unexpected connections in creativity and the people that embody them’.
Exponential View - for everything regarding our near future, from artificial intelligence to biotech.
Jon Woodroof’s Two Tone - for your weekly dose of cycle and tech infused news.
Will share more in the upcoming issues.
We’re putting the last hand on the super exciting collaboration with Lennard Kok, which will see the light on Friday the 13th of October in Amsterdam. You’re all invited for this (an official invitation will follow soon). In the meantime we are also finalising the revival of Another Shop into a new destination for all the random stuff you can have and give. Last newsletter already gave away a preview on this. #onemorething. 
Another exciting thing: We’re going to open a shop at NewWerktheater, both physical and digital. The first curation will be ⚪ ALL WHITE ⚪ with some really nice products. Very soon online!
And as always, keep an eye on, our ‘Notes on the Beauty of Cultures’ by Chris and myself.
👀 Stay tuned, stay curious! 
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Joachim Baan

Random stuff I find, read, watch and enjoy (and believe you will do too)

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