🏃‍♂️ Another Excuse for Running ❤️





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🏃‍♂️ Another Excuse for Running ❤️
By Joachim Baan • Issue #22 • View online
I know… It’s been ages since you’ve received this ‘newsletter’ from me… Also, quite a lot happened since…
What was this again? It’s that newsletter you subscribed to long time ago, sharing the random stuff I find, read, watch and enjoy (and believe you will do too) on a very irregular base.
So, as we’re working on a new design and an updated idea behind Another Something - trying to reframe what ‘content’, ‘blogging’ or ‘curating’ even means in 19/20 - it felt it was time again to warm up this engine too.

Kicking it off with a cry for help 🙏
As said, quite a lot happened over the past years. In essence, I reached rock bottom, climbed up, and kicking around again at the moment (If you want to know the more personal story, read it on my Speed of Solitude journal).
To celebrate this, we are raising money for the Dutch Heart Foundation by doing a 60 km’s run over the beach this October the 5th. It’s called the 11Stranden Tocht, a run along 11 beaches following the Dutch coastline. And to raise more money we are making a long sleeve performance shirt.
For this one we’ve teamed up again with Lennard Kok to create a special artwork to accompany the quote by meditation teacher and long distance runner Sri Chinmoy. The shirt is brought to you by Office of Information, supported by Tenue de Nîmes and printed on a high quality performance shirt from Patagonia.
Or just support the run here (Dutch only, sorry…) → ❤️
& More
“I’m very concerned that our society is much more interested in information than wonder. In noise rather than silence.”
— Fred Rogers knew it already…
Random Notions
💙 Blue Mountain School is one of the most inspiring places at this moment, combining retail, art, residence, exhibitions and restaurant in a beautiful way.
💊 The most dangerous drug in the world…
🙆‍♂️ Is it Good Enough?
🤖 The pursuit of excellence has infiltrated and corrupted the world of leisure.
💛 Slow Down together.
🌱 Worth reading and subscribing if you care about our planet and like working out: The No Meat Athlete.
The End
📖 Currently reading → Against Creativity (Thank you Lauren for the tip)
🎵 Currently listening → Thom Yorke’s ANIMA
📺 Currently Watching → Run & Become (thank you Ryan for the tip)
Hope you still enjoy these littles gems in your mailbox. And if not, don’t sue me, just unsubscribe, I’ll forgive you ;)
But if you love it, please forward this mail to people who would love it too, visit Another.so, and wait for the major update… It will be worth waiting for…
Let’s RUN!
🏃 Run, Run, My Heart ❤️
🏃 Run, Run, My Heart ❤️
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Joachim Baan

Random stuff I find, read, watch and enjoy (and believe you will do too)

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