2018 🔪 Reduce





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2018 🔪 Reduce
By Joachim Baan • Issue #20 • View online
Nº20 to start the new year with. Last few months were quite busy at …,staat so I didn’t had much time to focus on the newsletter but here we are: On the first day of the new year!
Lets start with the newyears resolution. In line with the one from last years (less but better, and more love, less fear) we got inspired (again) by John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity with rule nº1: Reduce. Reduce the noise,  the fakeness, the copycats, the hate and the overload of basically everything (content, merch, over-hyped brands and people and populism to name just a random few). Lets focus on what is good, on the things that really really matter, on the things that can bring us the positive change we need, by reducing all the clutter and turmoil. Reduce.

🌍 Another Something 🌏
2017 — 2018
Aesthetic Memories - Another Something
Jurgi Persoons in our Another Something interview
Jurgi Persoons in our Another Something interview
🔀 Random beauty 🔍
The Holy Bible, crystallized. By Alexis Arnold.
The Holy Bible, crystallized. By Alexis Arnold.
JJJJound's Bassi B/01
JJJJound's Bassi B/01
📘 A few things you should read 📑
Dezeen: Muji is not just about minimalism and simplicity, says art director Kenya Hara.
The end of the social era can’t come soon enough acording to Vanity FairSeth Godin on why you should take time to read at work —Inc.com shared this interesting story on Collaboration (Spoiler allert: It happend to kill creativity)—This is just stunning: The Blade Runner 2049 Miniature City—The future of retail in the age of Amazon - on Fastcompany.—Jocelyn K. Glei on ‘Why you need “white space” in your daily routine’—The psychology behind why we value physical objects over digital, on Research Digest
💶 And a few things you should get 💳
These perfect sneakers by JJJJound and Victory Sportwear.—Europe got an unofficial souvenir store: Eurotic!—For Abel we made this super nice Discovery Set so you can have them all in one to test and discover. Enjoy!—The ruler that rules them all!—This book on Post-Truth: How bullshit conquered the world by James Ball—And this book…! The Cocaine Consumer’s Handbook on IDEA
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