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Angel Magazine

January 20 · Issue #9 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Welcome to Angel Magazine. Last week, Angel Magazine was selected by Revue as one of its best newsletters, and was featured on WeTransfer and their homepage. Woohoo! A special welcome to all my new subscribers, hi!! Glad to have you here.
What’s on my mind these days? Writing letters, winter walks, fountain pens, and planning dreams… Sit back, have a donut (and good cup of coffee) and enjoy reading Angel Magazine #9:

A City Made By People #3
Just your usual Citinerary regulars last week at the Hoxton Hotel (looking at you Kay, Evelyn, Deepa and Camilla!). This time, we were joined by my friend Malte, who is almost a local Amsterdammer now being that he is always here for business trips. Don’t you just love Kay’s impersonation of me on the 2nd frame? Har har har!
Each month, Citinerary and The Makers Amsterdam host talks in my fave Amsterdam hotel, the Hoxton, where local creatives, entrepreneurs and artists get to present their ideas and projects. It’s always fun, you get to learn about new initiatives, and meet the most wonderful people (and take awesome photobooth pictures afterwards). The next edition is on 4 Feb.
Yep, that’s me on the front row, being my usual Hermione self, taking down notes just like in 5th grade. I liked Shirin Mirachor / Get Me’s talk, and her project - an “online zeitgeist magazine which tells the story of our time”, delving deeper into the current ideas of identity, racism, safety and love. Read more about it here: 
Achieving your dreams: One thing each day
I always tend to say “Don’t give up your dreams!” when encouraging people. But there’s a very important follow up to that: don’t forget to WORK on your dreams. :) 
Working on dreams includes a lot of planning. Actually, most of the work is in the planning; when you have a clear plan, half the work is already done. Most of it is really just organising, knowing the steps you need to take and just following through. When I was mapping out my dream of studying and living in Europe, I had an agenda, a visual dream board, and a long and very detailed checklist of requirements - tools that can help me stay on track with accomplishing my dreams. Of course, fate also has a hand in that, but the rest (and most of it) is really up to you. 
It may take months or even years (you can’t get to your dream overnight), but those years are made up of individual, productive days (small steps) that lead up to your goal. My tip: Do one thing each day that brings you closer to your dream. It can be something small as doing research and gathering information, or something crucial as applying for your visa. No matter what it is, you know that you did something today that brought you one step closer. It’s a manageable and practical way of achieving things, which also makes you feel good at the end of the day. :)
I found this free creative planning tool on Twitter today, I think it’s a very good way of organising your goals and dreams, and a fun way too:
A free Creative Planning visual template for you
Music: Tycho
I’ve been listening to a lot of old Tycho songs lately. This is one of my favourites. Perfect for wintertime walks (the weather here is absolutely beautiful - golden sunshine in the afternoons, cold, crisp winter air…) or while working. Enjoy:
Tycho - A Walk - YouTube
12 Kinds of Kindness
A great project by one of my fave designers Jessica Walsh (of Sagmeister & Walsh) and her friend Timothy Goodman. The duo created a series of 12 steps as a way to become kinder, more empathetic people (I particularly liked the first step, “Can I Help You?” and Jessie’s story.)
 As a resolution, they practiced this for 12 months, you can see the results here:
12 Kinds of Kindness
Art Nouveau Wonder: A Buried “Daytime Hotel” in Milan
A Buried “Daytime Hotel” rediscovered in all its Art Nouveau Splendour
David Bowie: Invisible New Yorker
A beautiful article about David Bowie’s life in New York.
“Mr. Thorn remembered overhearing Mr. Bowie and his guitarist talking one day. The guitarist was going on about an art exhibit, and how much Mr. Bowie would love it. Then he caught himself, realizing whom he was talking to, and said, “Oh, you can never go there; there’s too many people.”
Mr. Bowie answered, slyly, “You’d be surprised the places I’m able to go.”
Have you seen the photo that’s been circulating on Twitter of Mr. Bowie out in the city in cargo shorts and sneakers and carrying Uncut magazine? He’s very normcore. You can see why nobody recognized him, why an international superstar was able to move through the city unseen.
He understood that in our minds we all held a picture of David Bowie, or Ziggy, or the Thin White Duke. It allowed him to walk among us disguised as himself, David Jones.”
David Bowie: Invisible New Yorker
First Impressions of Earth Turns 10
A long read about our all-time favourite band. Ahhh. :)
First Impressions Of Earth Turns 10
That’s it for now. More Angel things to come in two weeks time. Until then, enjoy the winter sunshine, don’t forget to have fika at least three times a day, and get a beautiful notebook to organise your plans and goals. And remember: do one thing each day that brings you closer to your dreams
Angel xxx
Curious about my work and projects? Go go go!
My work portfolio has been updated. Check out the wonderful projects I’ve work on the past year, including CITIx60 travel guides,, De Vorm, Happinez Magazine and The Green Gallery:
Angel Trinidad |
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