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Angel Magazine - Issue #6


Angel Magazine

December 2 · Issue #6 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Welcome to Angel Magazine #6, and welcome to the lovely month of December. The most magical, and most sparkling time of the year. Yesterday, I witnessed one of the most splendid sunsets, right in the middle of Prinsengracht - all pinks and purples and a golden haze. I got off my bike, gazed at the horizon and felt a rush of gratefulness. What’s on my mind? The celebratory feeling of the holidays, and of the simple fact that I’m alive - in a place as magical as this, and at a time just as sparkling. 

Projects: The Green Gallery
I had the pleasure of working with The Green Gallery (The Flower Council of Holland) for their second issue, which is an ode to the beauty of plants. I created the “Green Treasures” section - a collection of plant-inspired art, design, fashion, trends and many more. I also interviewed Eva Kosmas Flores of Adventures in Cooking “The Gathering” page. 
 Enter a lush world of heavenly plants and flowers. Read and be inspired:
Green Treasures
The Gathering
Holiday 2015: Angel's Wish List
Sweet dreams are made of these: stationery and paper products from Hobonichi, Midori, Hay and Kaweco, art prints (on a phone case and giant tapestry) by Beth Hoeckel, the dreamiest star dress from & Other Stories, and a fluffy corgi puppy. A gift card from Miscellaneous or Like Stationery would do just as well. :)
Click the link below to see the full details of each item:
Angel's Wish List 2015
Paper heart: Two stationery stores that I love
I have always loved writing on paper, and collecting stationery since I was a child. These two stationery stores in Amsterdam - Like Stationery (1st photo) and Miscellaneous (2nd photo) are like candy stores for paper lovers. I can spend hours just browsing through their collection. 
Like Stationery offers a colourful array of Korean, Japanese, Dutch and Danish stationery products (planners, cards, pens, notebooks, wrapping paper etc.) as well as unique Riso-printed items created by the owner herself, Sanne; while Miscellaneous presents a more minimalist offering of paper products from Midori, Postalco, le typographe and Marjolein de Haas, as well as books from Gestalten and Monocle. Both stores offer international shipping, yay! Check them out:
P R O D U C T S | L I K E S T A T I O N E R Y
Miscellaneous - Refined Goods for the Home and Desk
Amsterdam Light Festival and friendship
I was invited to the preview of Amsterdam Light Festival last week with a boat ride through the art installations. It was magical! This year’s theme is friendship, something that I have been thinking about lately, which made the artworks resonate even deeper. My favourite is “Open Lounge” (Friendship as “a ballroom of a palace with the starry sky as a ceiling, and everybody an invitee”) by Geraud Periole (FR).  Passing underneath it, I felt that familiar buzzing, warm glow of friendship. 
I also loved “Today I Love you” (Massimo Uberti & Marco Pollice) because - you guessed it - of its heart-wrenching / uplifting message:
“A magical sentence, which seems to come from a beautiful dream you don’t yet want to wake up from. But also a sentence that evokes questions. What about tomorrow? Next year? Will you still love me then? Is this love eternal, or will it slip away in time and do we have to content ourselves with the moment?
But suddenly the words have become matter. The message – today I love you – has been fixed in time, making it possible for you to enjoy the comforting words over and over again.  (…) Like a dream, but one you can get in and out of, even when awake. Today I love you. As I will tomorrow.”
That night, I ended up meeting a new friend on the boat, having spontaneous drinks and going to a gig where I bumped into old friends that I have not seen in a long time. I biked home with a happy heart, thinking of what friendship means - old, new, near, far - and felt grateful for such beautiful moments with them. 
Until 17 Jan 2016:
Amsterdam Light Festival
Dancing Queen
Feel the beat of the tambourine! Oh yeah! Have a fantastic week, remember to dance and live life.
Today I love you, as I will tomorrow,
Angel xxx
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Angel Trinidad
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