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November 4 · Issue #4 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Greetings from Berlin, where I am currently writing Issue #4. It’s been a great week of catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, planning and mapping out new dreams and projects, and eating a lot of Dunkin Donuts. Aside from my Berlin adventures, here’s what’s on my mind the past weeks:

Projects: Citix60 Stockholm City Guide
Ahhh dreams do come true. Presenting: CITIx60 Stockholm city guide (viction:ary), edited by yours truly. Yes! I was asked by the good folks over at viction:ary to work with them with editing and writing the travel guide of my favourite city in the whole world, featuring unique insider tips by 60 of the city’s creatives.
If I told myself nine years ago that I would be the contributing editor for a Stockholm travel guide, I would probably laugh… but I would also probably believe it. ;) Don’t give up your dreams, people. And keep on going, and keep on doing what you love.
Get your copy here, just right in time for Christmas:
Feature: Ideas Island on
Forbes wrote about Ideas Island and interviewed creatives who stayed there, including me! Read it here:
'We Got A Bit Feral': 7 Guests Recount Staying For Free On An Island Working On Ideas
I also wrote a love letter to the island, recounting my favourite moments there, my thoughts on creativity and “becoming”, and how I fell in love with the island during my stay there in the summer of 2014:
A letter to Ideas Island | Angel Trinidad
#DDW15 favourite: Face Exhibit by Ditte Trudslev Jensen
I love Ditte Trudslev Jensen’s delightful face jewellery at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Her projects are mostly related to the face or the body and how it connects to objects. These playful pastel-coloured treasures are refreshing, fun and beautifully designed - a difficult combination to achieve in the world of design. Check out her work here:
Music: Beach House's Thank Your Lucky Stars
Most of you already know that my love for Beach House runs deep, so imagine my happiness upon hearing that they are releasing a surprise album, just a few weeks after releasing their latest album “Depression Cherry”. “Thank Your Lucky Stars” is beautiful, as always. I am the most biased “reviewer” ever because I will always love whatever Beach House creates, it’s automatic.
Here’s a treasure trove of Beach House questions and answers from their recent AMA on Reddit:
Beach House AMA
Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House on Spotify
Photos: Young love and heartbreak
I actually have not listened to any of Adele’s music, but these photos (apparently taken by her ex-boyfriend) struck a very sensitive cord in my melancholic heart. Beautiful, raw and a catastrophic heartbreak waiting to happen - something most of us has gone through, one time or another in our lives:
Here’s a bunch of Adele photos by the Guy who Broke her Heart (and made her #1)
Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty Act II Variation
This beautiful Aurora variation has been on repeat in my mind for weeks. The melancholy music, the steps, the twirls - going round and round in my head:
Ruta Jezerskyte. "The Sleeping Beauty" Act II. P.I.Tchaikovsky.Dutch National Ballet - YouTube
Book: Maira Kalman's Beloved Dog
“When I go out for a walk, there is so much that makes me happy to be alive. Breathing. Not thinking. Observing. I am grateful beyond measure to be part of it all. There are people, of course, heroic and heartbreaking, going about their business in splendid fashion.
There are the discarded items — chairs, sofas, tables, umbrellas, shoes — also heroic for having lived life in happy (or unhappy) homes.
There are trees. Glorious and consoling. Changing with the seasons. Reminders that all things change. And change again. There are flowers, birds, babies, buildings.
I love all of these. But above all, I am besotted by dogs.”
- Maira Kalman, Beloved Dog
Beloved Dog: Maira Kalman’s Illustrated Love Letter to Our Canine Companions | Brain Pickings
Curious about my work and projects? Go go go!
Angel Trinidad |
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