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Angel Magazine - Issue #3


Angel Magazine

October 14 · Issue #3 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Welcome to Angel Magazine #3, an every-other-week publication, served on Wednesdays. :) What’s on my mind? The change in the weather, grey skies, melancholic music, cities made by people and lots of fika…

A city made by people and big dreams
Last week, I went to The Makers Amsterdam and Citinerary‘s first event A City Made By People at my favourite hotel hangout, The Hoxton. It was a very interesting talk, I learned a lot about different initiatives locals are making to make their city a more interesting, and more authentic place. Speakers included Nel de Jager, street manager of the Haarlemmerdijk, Sam Dirkz from Meesterknecht and Ebony Bizys, Tokyo-lover and founder of Hello Sandwich. The main take-away of the talks: Passion and hard work will make cities (and your dreams) grow.
Probably the best thing that came out of it is that I met these three wonderful creatives. Their passion for what they do is very infectious. I mean, just look at them:
(L-R) Robin of Citinerary, Ebony of Hello Sandwich and Jeroen of The Jaunt
Robin, Ebony and Jeroen are friends who have a shared passion for creativity, having met in Antwerp a couple of years ago during a press trip. 
Citinerary is an international network of passionate citizens who share stories and meet visitors. They are currently active in Amsterdam Bucharest, Madrid, Minneapolis, Montreal, Oslo and Rotterdam, with more cities in the making. Catch their next monthly event at The Hoxton!
Hello Sandwich is the most delightful blog on design, crafts and all things kawaii. Ebony dreamed of living in Tokyo for the longest time (similar to my Sweden dream!) and is now based there, having published a book called Hello Tokyo. Isn’t that amazing?
The Jaunt combines the two best things in life - travel and art, by sending contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and creating unique art work and exhibitions based on these trips. Jeroen also published a book compiling all these travels. 
Fika in Amsterdam: TOKI
TOKI is a new fika place in the heart of the Haarlemerbuurt. I love the Scandinavian-inspired design, the delicious tea (I had number 12, it was super nice), and the friendly owners. And look at that beautiful marble slab! Oh, and I’m sure I will also love that glitter-frosted banana cake when I’m back. :)
Playlist: Autumn 2015 - Hey Moon
I made a playlist when the season turned. Autumn is probably my favourite season of all, I feel more at ease with it. While summer is all about going out nonstop and almost forcing yourself to “have fun”, autumn just lets you be. A time for reflection and writing; a calmer state of being. It’s when my heart wakes up, and feels what it wants to feel. It’s the season for melancholy schmucks like me, pining away by a window, waxing nostalgic… Okay, okay, on to the music:
Autumn 2015: Hey Moon on Spotify
Poetry by Nayyirah Waheed
A reminder to self: Live densely, lush and slow. Nayyirah Waheed‘s soul-stirring poetry is simply beautiful, and goes straight to the heart. Her bite-sized, Instagram-friendly poems are something I look forward to.
Goodbye Carey
Carey Lander, the keyboardist of indie-pop Glasgow-based band Camera Obscura, died last week at the age of 33 from a rare type of bone cancer. Although I don’t personally know her, I can’t help but feel sad… I’ve seen them play a couple of times live, in Stockholm and Vienna, and remember thinking that she seems like a very sweet and friendly woman.  I’ve been on a Camera Obscura listening spree, as a salute to her. One of the most beautiful and melancholy songs from CO:
Lunar Sea, a song by Camera Obscura on Spotify
A beautiful obituary from The Scotsman:
Obituary: Carey Lander, keyboard player with Camera Obscura - The Scotsman
Missed connections
I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w (Old State House)
Pretty paintings: Concierto de Aves
Concierto de Aves, by Paul de Vos. Museo de Bellos Artes, Bilbao.
M was in Bilbao a couple of weeks ago with his band Mannheim. It was surreal that he was there without me; I lived there as a student and have a special connection to the city. I guided him on where to go, what to see, and showed him the places where I hung out (via Whatsapp’s locations) - the library where I always studied, the park where I hung out during summer, the beautiful bridges. So we were together, apart in a way. He found this painting at the Museo de Bellas Artes. I love it.
In Berlin
Me in Berlin, five years ago. I will be in this sparkling city again end of the month! I’m sure lots of things have changed since 2010… Do you have any fika tips? Your favourite eating place? (Let’s skip the white-washed “hotspots” please. Just real, good, down-to-earth places!) Do you know cool people that you think I should meet up with? Email me at if you have any ideas, or in the city at the time!
Curious about my work and projects? Go go go!
Angel Trinidad
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