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Angel Magazine - Issue #2


Angel Magazine

September 30 · Issue #2 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Welcome to Angel Magazine #2. First of all, thanks for subscribing. I am grateful for all the positive responses I received. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends who think would love it too. 
What’s on my mind this week? New friends, dreamy paintings, making it big in the internet design world, a kitten’s birthday, and a dose of happinez (yes, with a z!)

The dream worlds of Chris Berens
I went to Chris Berens‘ exhibition opening at Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam. Chris is my favourite Dutch contemporary painter. I discovered him when I was working for Arts Holland three years ago, and knew upon seeing his works that he is truly something special. I did an interview with him about his magical Amsterdam series, where he also talked about his creative process, his inspirations, storytelling and his favourite Amsterdam spots. You can read it here.
His newest paintings, of otherworldly girls and their animal friends, are no less magical. Entitled Chris Berens 2015, the artworks are stunningly beautiful, with delicate gossamer details. Remember, these are painstakingly rendered by hand, layer upon layer, with a rigorous technique (inspired by the Old Masters’ ways) which results in a unique distortion effect. I got lost on each one, and drifted to another world where animals can talk, and the skies are always a majestic deep blue or sparkling golden green. I want to live in them.
“Perhaps you should see a painting (or my paintings at least) as a walk through the forest of Little Red Riding Hood, or Hänsel and Gretel, without the story ever being told. So there’s a girl in a red poncho, on the far end there’s a wolf, and there’s a house with an old lady in a bed, there’s distant singing and the flutter of birds. You could put some pieces together and make up Little Red Riding Hood, you could also see different things, focus on other elements and make a whole different story. Same scene, same forest, but different spectator, different perspective, different story. So I’m not the one telling the story, I’m the guy who made the forest, dimmed the lights and threw in a little girl and a bad-ass wolf.” - Chris Berens, excerpt from my 2012 interview
Chris Berens 2015 is on show at Jaski Art Gallery until 18 October 2015. 
Arts Holland: Chris Berens’ Amsterdam | Angel Trinidad
Be happy
This week, I worked with the wonderful people of Happinez Magazine. Their name truly fits them. This is a happy me in their office. :) For those who don’t know what Happinez is: Happinez is a ‘mindstyle’ magazine for ‘people who have two feet on the ground, who are aware of living in a changing, hectic society and for that reason are looking for ways to find peace - as a starting point for a happy and harmonious life.’ I’m working on their upcoming second international edition - watch out for it soon! The first issue was already in stores, you can buy it online here.
The Pod Sessions in DesignBoom and FRAME
The Pod Session video series that I hosted and produced with De Vorm was featured on two of the biggest design / architecture websites out there! I’m so proud of our team. Check them out below:
video interview with architect ole scheeren
Ole Scheeren and Sam Bompas take a seat for De Vorm's Pod sessions - News - Frameweb
Kattenkafe Kopjes celebrates Tiny's 1st birthday
In the mood for a cattuccino? One of my favourite hangouts in my neighborhood involves two of my favourite things: fika and cats. Kattenkafe Kopjes is a cat cafe in the west side of Amsterdam, and the home of the seven sweetest rescue cats I know. Here you can enjoy cakes, cookies and coffee while sitting on couches and playing with cats - all the best ‘C’ words out there.
Last Friday was the 1st birthday of their youngest (one-eyed) kitty, Tiny. Look at those cute cookies that owner Lenny baked for the guests! Awww.
Get cosy and make sure to reserve when visiting this wonderful cafe:
Kattencafe Kopjes
Hold me closer, tiny dancer
Plié, grand plié, relevé… I found a new passion ‘late’ in life. I’ve been doing ballet for a couple of months now, after watching countless of Swan Lake performances in YouTube, being inspired by Misty Copeland and learning more about its rich and beautiful history. If you know me, I’m not really the sporty kind, and I find working out and “fitness” boring. So, I never got into it even if I tried. But this one is art, dance, music, sport and emotions rolled into one - I finally found what my (fitness) heart was looking for.  
 I’m taking classes at this beautiful studio in Amsterdam, Zhembrovskyy Ballet and Dance School. The teachers are professional dancers from the Dutch National Ballet, so the classes are topnotch. I’m a super beginner, plus I’m not flexible nor fit, so it takes a lot of grunt hard work just to do the basic steps. But Alexander, the owner and head teacher, told me that I should not worry about being perfect at the beginning, but just to try to learn the steps and get used to the terminology (it’s like learning French and body coordination at the same time).
Plus, what’s the fun in being able to do splits and perfect jumps at the first try right? I’d rather start from zero and build up my flexibility and skills, and be proud of myself for that. Watch me tie up my pointe shoes and become a *swan queen* in a couple of years time. Ahhhh, let’s do this, determination!
Check out this heart-wrenching video of Maya Plisetskaya dancing the Dying Swan in 1959:
Maya Plisetskaya - Dying Swan 1959 - YouTube
New music: Rey Pila
It’s love at first listen. I haven’t been this excited for a new band in a long time. If you love early 2000s feel-good vibes, grungy guitars, synthpop and THE STROKES, you will love Rey Pila. And hey, I learned of them from Julian Casablancas, who produced the album and proclaims the Mexico City-based quartet as his new favourite band. Say no more, you got me at ‘Julian’.
The Future Sugar by Rey Pila on Spotify
Creativity and courage: TEDtalks on the C-word
Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life
Curious about my work and projects? Go go go:
Angel Trinidad
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