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Angel Magazine - Issue #14


Angel Magazine

May 4 · Issue #14 · View online

I am an editor, writer and creative strategist based in Amsterdam, curating the world's most sparkling trends in design, interiors and lifestyle. Angel Magazine is a personal newsletter, a diary of things that inspire me, and make my heart beat faster. //

Welcome to Angel Magazine #14, a special double issue celebrating the abundance of spring: new projects, music, dreamy artists, best friends visiting from across the world, cats, fika… basically just all things good. Enjoy!

Articles // Fika at TrendTablet
Ikea Fika by Forsman & Bodenfors
Ikea Fika by Forsman & Bodenfors
Ikea Fika by Forsman & Bodenfors
Ikea Fika by Forsman & Bodenfors
I wrote about fika for TrendTablet, one of the leading online platforms for trends and trend forecasting. 
“Fika is probably any Swede’s favourite word (or time of day). This much-revered social and culinary institution is a cornerstone of Swedish culture. Essentially a coffee break combined with pastries or small open-faced sandwiches, fika can be had with colleagues, family or friends. It can be in the office, at home, or in a cafe. It can be a very welcome break from the work day, or a leisurely coffee date on the weekend. You can fika twice or more a day, or as often as you like. What makes it special, and slightly different from a regular coffee break, is that Swedes see it as an almost-sacred time to relax, to take a break, and to share this particular moment with someone. It’s the cosy factor that sets it apart.”
Read the rest of the article here:
fika: sweden’s gift to the world
Follow my fika adventures #fikawithangel:
#fikawithangel • Instagram photos and videos
Projects // The Green Gallery # 3
Overgrowth by Parker Fitzgerald
Overgrowth by Parker Fitzgerald
The third issue of The Green Gallery is now online! Celebrate the beauty of nature and flowers through stunning images, articles and interviews that are guaranteed to make your heart soar. I wrote a couple of features and interviews in this issue:
> Floral Treasures: “The return of Art Nouveau” presents floral-inspired art, design, fashion, photography and even music; “Blooming Melodies” explores the most beautiful album covers featuring flowers. :)
> Floral Fever: Our shopping page presents a selection of romantic blossoms and exquisite flowers to wear, relish and love.
> Portfolio: Parker Fitzgerald: Inspired by the all-encompassing and magnificent aspects of beauty in nature, American photographer Parker Fitzgerald created his stunning work “Overgrowth”. 
> Interview: Local Milk’s Beth Kirby: Discover the golden light and shadows of Beth Kirby’s wonderful prosaic and floral world.
Green Gallery Issue #3
Projects // A-Mag Mini #3 EU Presidency Edition
For the past months, I’ve been working with the city of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Marketing in creating special issues of the A-Mag Mini especially for the Dutch presidency of the EU. I’m proud to present our third (and last!) issue which features the most exciting events, addresses, top tips and art and cultural listings for May and June, as well as special interviews, Q&As and articles focusing on various EU activities in the city. 
Special mention: check out the Sweetest Spots directory I made on the last page, which lists down all the best Dutch dessert and pastry shops in Amsterdam. (Don’t you just love that pink tompouce background?) 
Read online here:
A-mag mini - EU Presidency 2016 No.3 by Amsterdam Marketing - issuu
Angel Loves // Fine Time Studios
Left: Last year's spring issue of The Filipino Expat Magazine magazine. Right: As Miss Philippines for 180 Amsterdammers projects, featured in Het Parool
Left: Last year's spring issue of The Filipino Expat Magazine magazine. Right: As Miss Philippines for 180 Amsterdammers projects, featured in Het Parool
Fine Time Studios stickers and patches
Fine Time Studios stickers and patches
“Sa susunod na issue, centerfold sana ako…”
Drawing inspiration from Filipino pop culture and humor, Fine Time Studios makes the most nostalgia-inducing stickers and patches, including the one on the first photo, inspired by the Eraserheads’ song Magasin. Loving these fun stickers and patches! Check out their quirky t-shirts as well:
Fine Time Studios
Music // Benoit Pioulard x Small Sails
 Photo courtesy of Sean Curtis Patrick
Photo courtesy of Sean Curtis Patrick
I re-discovered this track again; it’s one of my fave songs while living in Stockholm some years ago. It was the perfect soundtrack to cold, snowflake-laced days, but also, as I discovered lately, while biking in sunny Amsterdam during the springtime. Dreamy tunes ahead:
Benoit Pioulard - "Kids Are Getting Younger" Music Video
Angel Loves // Chris Berens
Hum (2012) by Chris Berens
Hum (2012) by Chris Berens
Chris Berens is one of Holland’s most talented contemporary painters, and is definitely my favourite one. I fell in love with his work the moment I laid eyes on his magical, otherworldly paintings a few years ago. When I was editor for Arts Holland, I did an interview with him and asked him about his inner world and inspirations, and their impact on his highly-acclaimed, soul-stirring works.
“Perhaps you should see a painting (or my painting at least) as a walk through the forest of Little Red Riding Hood, or Hänsel and Gretel, without the story ever being told. So there’s a girl in a red poncho, on the far end there’s a wolf, and there’s a house with an old lady in a bed, there’s distant singing and the flutter of birds. You could put some pieces together and make up Little Red Riding Hood, you could also see different things, focus on other elements and make a whole different story. Same scene, same forest, but different spectator, different perspective, different story. So I’m not the one telling the story, I’m the guy who made the forest, dimmed the lights and threw in a little girl and a bad-ass wolf.”
Arts Holland: Chris Berens’ Amsterdam | Angel Trinidad
Follow Chris Berens’ works on Instagram:
Chris Berens (@chris.berens) • Instagram photos and videos
Interiors & Design // Anti-minimalism
A couple of weeks ago, interior design blog Atomorfen featured our home in their website. I discussed my thoughts on (anti) minimalism and how I believe that design and interiors could be more adventurous and brave. 
“I think domestic order and Marie-Kondo style neatness are overrated! Mess should be embraced as well; creative chaos, spontaneity and carefreeness are values that are also good to have, aren’t they? I believe that the era of Kinfolk, white washed ‘Instagrammable’ sets and minimalist interiors is soon to be over. I personally think it’s boring! The next wave will be about colour, creative chaos, decoration, personality, individuality and carefreeness. Think of the DIY spirit, zines, artists’ homes, Art Nouveau, etc. It’s time to express more, to feel more.”
Another side of this feeling comes from something deeper and more meaningful, which this article by Arielle Bernstein discusses:
For the Children of Refugees, Marie Kondo's 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' Reveals the Privilege of Clutter
Music // Geertruida Cassette Club
Geertruida is record label based in Haarlem in the Netherlands. I’ve been hanging out with some of the founders lately and have signed up for their super cool Cassette Club! The first box I received includes three cassettes on my favourite genre: shoegaze. :) The cassette club is like a subscription music service, plus you get a zine and other extras (and each cassette has a download code, so no problem if you don’t have a cassette player!) I love the idea, just like how I love zines, LiveJournal and everything nostalgic, memory-laden and heartfelt.
“We’ve joined an old indie (label) tradition, honoring the old ways of Singles Clubs and Cassettes Clubs. This community revolves around the niche market of cassettes, enjoyed by many people for the warm analogue sound and old school feel. We’ll find you some cool exciting music, some from artists you might know, some will be surprises from the worldwide underground.”
Join here:
Cassette Club – Geertruida Shop
The Philippines // Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown
CNN’s Parts Unknown (starring world-famous chef Anthony Bourdain) episode on the Philippines, particularly Manila, left me in tears. If you want to find out the essence of being Filipino and want to truly understand our (my) culture, motivations and dreams, then watch this poignant episode. I grew up in these joyful streets, with these same heartfelt sentiments, and surrounded by familial love so real and so affecting that it almost jumps out the TV screen.
Watch and learn about our heart:
Anthony Bourdain "Parts Unknown" Philippines full episode - YouTube
Unfinished business in the Philippines
Feature // 180 Amsterdammers video
As part of the 180 Amsterdammers project where I am representing The Philippines, AmsterdamFM did an interview with me, where I spoke about Filipino and Dutch culture, dreams and having a “superstar name”. ;)
Filipijnen - Angel - YouTube
Article // Stop finding yourself and start faking it
Kopjes cat cafe's Midori meditating in front of cherry blossoms
Kopjes cat cafe's Midori meditating in front of cherry blossoms
Some notes from a very interesting article on The Guardian about mindfulness:
“Here’s one popular assumption: it’s important to look within and discover who you really are, your true self. Our thinkers would be sceptical of the existence of a true self, especially one you can discover in the abstract. They understood that we are multifaceted, messy selves who develop by looking outward, not inward. Our personalities are formed through everything we do: how we interact with others, our reactions to things, the activities we pursue. (…) Each of us is a complicated being bumping up against other complicated beings all day. Each encounter draws out different aspects.Who we are consists of behaviour patterns and emotional ruts we’ve fallen into over time – but that means we also consist of numerous possibilities of what we can become.”
“Once we find ourselves, the assumption continues, we must embrace and be true to that self. But the first great philosopher in the Chinese tradition, Confucius, who was born in the sixth century BCE, would have thought differently. The problem with authenticity, he’d say, is that it’s not freeing, the way we believe it to be. Who is that authentic self you think you have discovered really? It’s a snapshot of you at this one moment in time. If you stay true to that self and allow it to become your guide, it constrains you. It doesn’t allow for the sort of growth you experience when you recognise that you are ever-changing.”
“We flourish when we recognise our complexity and learn how to work with it through self-cultivation. You grow, for example, when you understand that you are not a hothead just because you tend to think of yourself as short-tempered, or shy because you see yourself as an introvert. Most labels are patterns of behaviour we’ve fallen into and can be broken. We aren’t just who we think we are, we can work on becoming better people all the time.”
“Mencius, a Confucian scholar living during the late 4th century BCE, saw the world as fragmented and capricious. He would advise that we should work with the shifts and detours – chance conversations, experiences, interactions – that nurture an expansive life. Rather than making plans for our lives, a Mencian approach means setting trajectories in motion.”
Forget mindfulness, stop trying to find yourself and start faking it
Curious about my work and other projects? Go go go!
Angel Trinidad
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