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Angel Investor - Startup Booster - Demo Day Dubai - Issue #62

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Angel Investor

The state of the art on startup investing.

Hi, and I hope you’re doing well!
Here are some news articles and tweets I have been reading the last week. I hope you find some relevant stories! If not, send me your links and ideas.
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Startup Booster - Demo Day Dubai
Addressing Gaps Between Men And Women Entrepreneurs Can Drive Economic Growth Globally, Report Finds
Top 10 Fastest Growing Startups To Enter the Indian Unicorn Club
Deal of the week;, which simplifies complex enterprise sales processes, gets over $10M | VentureBeat
LaunchVic is helping people learn how to become angel investors in startups - Startup Daily
YallaMarket raises $2.3m in pre-seed funding co-led by Dubai Angel Investors, Wamda - News | Khaleej Times
How An ROI Obsession Is Hurting Your Marketing
This week's tweets
The Best of Live Audio
Your startup pitch is probably good, but it can always get better. Here's your chance to practice with some of the best mentors in the startup world!

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John Sechrest
The expertise gap

Expertise is earned

Does your boat make it into port?
Glenn Greenwald
The implications of bitcoin technology beyond being just a currency -- and especially its potential for decentralizing power, enabling genuine privacy, and preventing corporate and state control of information -- is in its infancy stages of understanding. But it's coming.
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