Angel Investor - Let’s Do This scores over €56 million with support from Serena Williams and Usain Bolt - Issue #66





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Angel Investor

The state of the art on startup investing.

Hi, and I hope you’re doing well!
Here are some news articles and tweets I have been reading the last week. I hope you find some relevant stories! If not, send me your links and ideas and learn more about our community here.
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UK-based sports platform Let’s Do This scores over €56 million with support from Serena Williams and Usain Bolt
The race toward a new computing technology is heating up — and Asia is jumping on the trend
Marquee Equity Uses AI To Connect Startups With Investors
Deal of the week; Talus Bioscience
Inspired by scientist CEOs, Seattle startup lands $9.75M to build up drug discovery platform
Pi Labs: VC firm's proptech startup cohort raises £15m
8 Entrepreneurship Rules For Great Companies According to LinkedIn’s Founder
Microlending Definition
This week's tweets
Troy Henikoff
So EXCITED for the latest class of @Techstars_Chi an announced here -> Our first accelerator was run back in 2010, what a journey it has been - @Techstars for life!
Janine Sickmeyer
From bootstrapped founder to exited angel investor to institutionally-backed VC, I've been on all sides of the startup journey 🎢

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