Angel Investor - Lack of cross-border investing by Business Angels harmful to innovation - Issue #60





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Angel Investor

The state of the art on startup investing.

Hi, and I hope you’re doing well!
Here are some news articles and tweets I have been reading the last week. I hope you find some relevant stories! If not, send me your links and ideas.
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Lack of cross-border investing by Business Angels harmful to innovation
Should your client become an angel investor?
Angel investments exceed pre-pandemic levels says HBAN
Deal of the week; OCP
Game creation startup OCP raises $4.3M to develop its first product
One woman’s mission to build a network of female and non-binary angel investors
This week's tweets
Stella Garber
As an angel investor, beginning of the month is fun because you get all the monthly updates from portfolio companies…

And the learning and helping commences.
Soon we will start up in Berlevåg with King grab, but the primary focus in the FI-program will be the development of the application we are working on #AngelInvestor #Money #VentureCapital
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