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Angel Investor - Issue #38 - Investors explain COVID-19’s impact on consumer startups

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Angel Investor

The state of the art on startup investing.

Here are some of the news articles and tweets I have been reading this week - I hope you find some relevant stories!
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Investors explain COVID-19’s impact on consumer startups
Venture Capitalists Leave Coasts to Fund Inland Start-Ups - The New York Times
Future Females secures over 3000 signups for global virtual summit
Deal of the week; Stears
Nigerian media company, Stears raises $600,000 seed round funding | TechCabal
The 5 fundamental steps to getting your startup ready for VCs
Masimo CEO Shares His Four 'Guiding Principles' | Investor's Business Daily
Peter Thiel’s controversial Palantir is helping build a coronavirus tracking tool for the Trump admin - The Verge
This week's tweets
We are proud to introduce a series of posts where we feature our angel investors. We are honoured and grateful for the support and #commitment we have received from all of them. Hear from our angel investor himself, Dr. Jan Brinckmann, about why he invested in #Semalytix.
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