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Did I just make that up now? Yes, yes I did!

Welcome Back
Hello, and welcome back to another Newsletter. According to the archive, the last time one of these went out was January and in that issue, I talked about my goals for the blog. Oh, how they weigh on me now.
As for the topic of this issue, I would like to look back at my blog and see where I am, what adjustments I need to make, and also drop a few updates for what I plan to do (or, more accurately, what I would like to try out)
TBH, I haven’t been doing much on the blog, no surprise there, so this newsletter probably won’t be very long. Let’s begin!
Posts and Stats
Remember I had goals for this year? Well, let’s just say it’s still too soon to try and check any of them off the list. Still, I would like to give myself a soft round of applause for getting my numbers higher than last year’s. March looks like it was especially good and I clench my fist at the thought that I was SO CLOSE to 1K. If only I’d posted one more thing (I only posted once in March). But now it’s April and I feel READY
As for the posts I manage to get out in the first three months…I’ll list them this time since it wasn’t a lot. I won’t mention the fluff ones though because it’s all about CONTENT
  • Saga of Tanya the Evil (Light Novel) Review: This is a review of the audiobook and actually, I just found out that the narrator for the rest of the series won’t be Monica Rial. Idk how I feel about this. Maybe I’ll get to the second volume this month (or May)
  • Carnal Desire Overflow (BL Manga) Review: The BL goodness! If you like omegaverse, I really enjoyed this one. It’s a good one if you like some Beta x Omega love~
  • JJK (Onegingek) Haul: This was seriously an overdue post! It was in my drafts for so long and I had actually already shared some photos on my IG. So yeah
  • My Perverted Youth (BL Manga) Review: I feel like any genre, when you make it gay, is always 100000% better. This is a super fun BL comedy that’s initially very serious only to then pull your leg. Super recommend it!
  • Dekoboko Bittersweet Days (BL Manga) Review: Another great BL read! This one is actually v2 but I think it works on its own, especially if this isn’t your first BL. It’s very sweet and heartbreaking and fluffy!
  • The Downstairs Resident is Mr. Fudanshi (BL Manga) Review: If you want to giggle at the ridiculousness of BL, this is definitely one to check out. It’s got plot, but also not really?? It’s also multi-volume, which doesn’t happen very often in BL
  • Solo-Leveling v1 (Webcomic) Review: TBH, this is more like a first impression but since it’s technically my thoughts on the first volume (yen press), I called it a review. I think the next time I write about Solo-Leveling is when I finish the series? Or should I do it volume by volume? LMK
And that pretty much rounds up my January to March post. If you want the non-content posts I also wrote: Happy New Year, December #theJCS, andDisclaimers and Future Direction of the Blog. Something else I did in January was host my first giveaway!! That was actually really fun. Maybe I can do another in the future
If I did, what sort of prizes would you guys be interested in?
Ko-Fi: Open for Business!
I’ve had a Ko-Fi page for forever now but never really used it. Or rather, I tried a few times but it just never stuck. I’ve decided that I’m going to try again and so far it’s been working. “So far” not being very long
The reason I’d like to start using it more frequently is that I want someone to treat me to a coffee. I have enabled memberships as well so if you like what I do, feel free to send me a tip
APRIL Ko-Fi overview (status: EVERYONE)
  • Arcane Essay: Silco-Jinx Relationship (live): link to my blog
  • Arcane Series Review (draft): will be a link to my blog
  • Kofigram (0 live): first image goes live tomorrow
  • Updates (1 image): a screenshot of my arcane review draft
It’s just simple things now but I’d like to work on some Ko-Fi “exclusive” posts and ideas. And by exclusive, I mean they will be open to anyone who visits my Ko-Fi page. If I can work up a decent posting schedule, then maybe down the line (next year or something) I can do membership tiers
NEW: Voice Chats and Lives?
This is still a work in progress, but I’d like to be more active in the community. And one of the ways is to chat with some people.
crimson hosting #theJCS
i've sort of always been curious about this new feature. I'm just sitting at my desk, don't have anything specific to talk about but if anyone wants to drop by and say hello :) i might do a few of these in the future too
My first attempt was to try out Twitter’s SPACES. I had 2-3 people pop in for a second so that was fun! I just kind of rambled and listened to music. I was hoping there would be more interactive functions, but it didn’t work out as I would have liked. I’m thinking of doing a few more of these down the line. Actually, I might do one tonight. Maybe. I’ll tweet about it
BUT, I was also thinking of maybe starting a Discord server. That way I could actually talk with people and there would be a chat option.
I would also love to do some lives but am not sure what to use for this. I kind of want to keep as much of this to one app as possible but I’m pretty new to this so any suggestions would honestly, be amazing!
Second Quarter Goals
As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, I don’t want to make my goals too specific. My biggest goal this year is to return to blogging and I’ve finally come to a realization. I don’t have to blog consistently. I don’t have to post every day or every week or every month. I mean, I’d love to. But I don’t have to. It’s actually enough to just build a good archive
But that doesn’t mean I can’t try
Vague goal: In April, I just want to start writing and being a weeb again because if I don’t read or watch things, then I don’t really have much to say, right? I’m hoping this will then snowball into the next few months and my activity will go up. If anything, I would like to focus more on my Twitter engagement
Specific goal: In April, I’d like to post 3 things. I’ve already posted one (an essay) and I’m already working on a review (Arcane), so really, I should be able to meet this goal easy peasy, right? I’ll cross my fingers! Then for May and June, I’d like to add to this number. For May, I’d like to make this number 4 and for June, assuming I make the 4 posts, I’d like to raise the number to 5 (always one number more)! We’ll leave it at that and see how I’m feeling in the next Look Back
Also, this isn’t really a “blog goal” but I would love to save up for a laptop that I can take with me to work so that the time I can write isn’t limited to weekends and the last 4 hours of the day
Well that's all!
That’s all for now. I hope you guys enjoy some of my future content and that you guys are having a lovely day. If not, I send you virtual hugs. My DMs are always open for a chat or if you just want to tag me, that’s fine too
Let’s have fun :)
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