Issue #4 - New Year, New Goals





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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well post-NY celebrations. I’m actually super pumped about starting the year, which is usually the case with new beginnings

The Planning Kotatsu
These last three days this has been me. I’ve settled down under my kotatsu and have not budged. That said, while my body is currently atrophying, my brain is doing what it likes to do best - planning.
I have many goals this year, not just personal but for the blog as well. I know, I know. I already failed with my goals the last time I planned, right? Well, I can just stop or maybe try again.
I figured trying again would be more fun because I don’t really ever see myself stopping blogging.
2022 Blog Goals
I’ve actually already placed these on my blog because I figured they should go somewhere I would see it often. Yes, I look at my blog’s front page often! Nothing wrong with feeling some love for the things we make. And I figured, if it’s there, I will always remind myself about those goals.
  • 120 Manga Reviews
  • 50 Anime Reviews
  • 1K Monthly Views
  • 2K Monthly Views
  • 200 Country Visitors
  • 10K Visitors
As you can see, these goals are a bit more stats-oriented. While my biggest goal for 2022 is to return to blogging in general, I also want to have some nice stats (because who doesn’t like that?).
I’m currently under the 100 follower mark, so ideally, I’d like to reach AT LEAST 100 followers by the end of the year. 200 is stretching it I think but why not? I added it just in case I do make the 100 mark. Gotta keep dreaming. All of the other stats (except for the post counts) are based on my stats from when I used to be active. I figured my goal for 2022 was to get back to those numbers.
Let’s see how it goes!
Last/First Post of the Year
Happy New Year! | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
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