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Issue #3 - Coming Back, The Secret News, and Future Plans

Hello everyone and I hope you’re all doing great!!

Thank You!
It feels like it hasn’t been that long since my last newsletter but it’s actually been close to two months, which is about the time I’ve been on hiatus. But yes, I’m back!! And ready to start talking about anime, books, and (my favorite topic) the cute boys~
But before I jump into news and plans, I just wanted to say…
Thank you to everyone who has followed me on any social platform, followed my blog, and just talked to me. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m not really a part of the community anymore, all my fault I assure you all, so getting to talk with some people about not exactly anime things, was very refreshing!
The Stats!
I also want to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog in the time I wasn’t around. Because of you lovely people, my stats have been slowly increasing each month. I know, everyone says not to pay attention to stats but does anyone ever ACTUALLY listen? I don’t. It’s one of the first things wordpress shows me and I’m also always curious
And I must especially thank all the BL lovers. I know it’s you guys that have been showering my blog with views. Don’t be afraid to also leave me a like and/or comment <3
October Comeback!
It is now SPOOKY season! And while I don’t exactly have anything Spooky planned yet (maybe this year will be THE year I get my shenanigans together, although I find it highly unlikely), I am finally coming back to blogging. You guys don’t know how much I missed it and after spending September just weebing out, I actually have words to tell you all
And the first one relates to my new blogging “sketchbook”
It’s a sketchbook that I’ve had for possibly months and just never used. And one day while I was working on scheduling posts for October, I picked up a receipt paper and started to visually map out my plans.
Then I thought, “What am I doing? I’m going to lose this paper and then my plans with it.”
One of my goals for 2022 (for the blog), is getting organized. I want to realistically set goals for myself. I feel like I’ve just been blogging blind for a while now, which isn’t bad, but because I only post so many times a month, I can easily fall into hiatuses. I would like to avoid this, and what better way than to spend September 2021 planning future posts
So I decided to use this sketchbook for my plans. October is the first month in my book so it’s very messy. I’m trying to figure out what works for me and right now that means taping random papers into the pages, making lists, and crossing things out. Notes. Messy scribbles. My head is a mess
BUT. So far it’s working. I’m already into December. And it’s not just me saying I’m going to do something, I mean, I’ve actually written enough posts to get me through October and November!
Not super impressive when you take in the fact that I only post once a week, but it’s something :)
Aside from my blog, I’ve also been trying out other avenues of creativity. I tried getting back into YouTube and so far that’s been a hit and miss. I will still try to establish a rhythm there, but what IS working out is something I just did on the fly - TikTok
I think I just really like the idea of doing something short with little to no edits, posting, and being done with it all. Plus, I actually get decent views and even some comments!! I’m not sure about you all but for a creator, comments are what feeds my soul~
So I will be continuing that. Again, I’m trying to find a rhythm for things
My plan for these short videos is 2-4 a month. And they will be crossposted to IG Reels and YouTube Shorts. No set days for these, I’m just trying to aim for a number of videos right now. This will naturally feed into YouTube, since anything longer than the allowance will then end up being posted as a full YouTube video
Take this video as an example. I originally put it up on TikTok but the IG and YT allowances for short videos is shorter so I had to crop it a few times, but then I also posted the “full” video of me crying on my channel
crying over: Semantic Error
crying over: Semantic Error
And I won’t just be doing these types of videos. I’d also like to do short unboxing videos so there will be cute boy merch…very soon
What to expect?
As you can see, there’s a lot happening and you might be wondering, isn’t this too much? You can barely manage a 1 post per week schedule!
Well, yes, that’s why I’m taking these next three months to see how frequently I can do everything. I will MOST DEF be posting once a week on the blog. That is my most pressing goal. The blog is my child and while all of these other projects are fun, my biggest concern is to keep the blog going. I’ve always been a writer and that’s not going to change
But I would also love to revive the IG by posting at least once a week, be that reel or photo, and then making a video once every week or two (for TikTok)
And this will be possible because….
The Big News!!
I have gone ahead and scheduled this newsletter for October 3rd. At midnight. But at this moment, in my IRL situation, it is now 2pm
In the previous issue, I mentioned I would be moving. And I am in the process of doing just that!! I have packed my bags, I’ve gotten on a plane, and I am now in Japan
an exploring otaku
Me packing: i should only take my most important stuffed children

My bag:
Yes. As of today, I am now living in Japan. Sort of.
For the next few days I will be quarantined in Tokyo, but yeah, I’m moving into my new Japanese home soon. And I LOVE moving into places! You get to set up everything from scratch and you bet I brought me some anime merch to decorate~
But this also means that I am no longer working two jobs. I only have the one and from what I’ve been told, no overtime for me. So I have A LOT of free time that I plan to use to make all this new content
Plus, I am in the land of cheap manga so…I plan to indulge
This leads to the next thing on the agenda…
Goals in Japan
While I have decided to move to Japan because I love anime and manga, I also am going there for adulting purposes.
So I thought I’d give myself a few goals for my time there, which I’m hoping will be at least 4 years long (anything can happen, but I’m crossing my fingers!). I’ll share two with you all:
  1. I want to have fun. I’m at an age that people consider “old” (esp. in Japan as a female) but I’m not. I want to explore as much as I can, try new things, travel. Travel within Japan, but also in neighboring areas. Not now and maybe not in the next six months, but one day. Meet people. Make memories. Just live I guess. I don’t have grand plans for my life. I don’t have the skills or the will, so I’m just going to do what I can with what I have and my “passion” is to have fun
  2. I want to learn Japanese. And not just the basics. I want to be able to translate eventually. I’ve always liked translating and I think that this will be a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for me. I can’t get more immersed than this! I want to be able to read manga because I’m a weeb, but also because I want to be a “professional” weeb. I think my blog would benefit from this, but also myself if I really enjoy living here. I could find more work in translating, ideally, in the anime and manga industry, but who knows. I also really like books in general. I know people say that Japanese is hard to learn, but again, I have to make the most of these next few years and I think it would be a waste to not learn anything. I want to see how far I can get!
And I will be blogging about all of this. Not on A Nerdy Fujo Cries. From what I’ve heard, being an otaku isn’t the greatest thing and I imagine I get points deducted because I like BL. So I’d like to keep these two things separate to certain people. Hence why I will not announce this on Twitter or really anywhere else (although I won’t try to hide it, things will just be sort of the same as they are now)
I’ve heard stories of people losing their jobs because of their social media and I don’t want to risk that. So please, let’s keep it sort of on the low down (Not that I have a big platform so I feel a bit safe showing my face in the videos but I have been a bit anxious about that too, but I also don’t want to stop making them…the dilemma)
But there is a blog you guys can visit for more Japan-esque content
It’s supposed to be a very chill site. I don’t have any schedule for it. I post whenever I feel like it about anything I want. But in time, I want to also make it a place of practice for Japanese. Yup, I will eventually, one day, write some posts in Japanese! Sort of like how I have a few in Spanish now (yes, I’m practicing my Spanish writing and soon, translation as well!)
When you visit, please call me G
Also, if any friends are living in Japan or plan to visit in the time I’m there, let’s have a meetup! I haven’t done a blogger meet in forever and it would be super cool to hang out. Let me know~
End of Year Collab
I briefly mentioned this in a tweet a few weeks back and if anyone is interested…it will most likely happen in 2022. I knew moving would be a hassle but I didn’t realize how much and so I’ve pretty much spent all of September working on this move, and I will be spending half of it stuck in a room by myself, and I’m pretty sure, at least the next two getting situated in my new home
Originally, I wanted to do this collab in November but it’s just not possible and I think December is generally a busy time for everyone, so that doesn’t work out either
SO, it’s very likely I will post about the collab again in early 2022.
Well, that's about it
If you made it this far, AWESOME! This ended up being SOOO much longer than I thought. October will have a lot of content coming out because it’s the first month I’m returning and I just have a lot to say, but expect November to be less hectic. Maybe 5-6 posts. December I’m still debating. If I can continue writing at the rate I am now, then maybe it can be a busy month
See you guys later and like last time, here are my links: 
Blog │ Twitter │ IG │ FB │ Ko-Fi
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