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Issue #2: Hiatus & September Plans

It’s been a while but it’s about time I dropped another of these newsletters since there will be quite a few things happening in the near future!

Hiatus continues into August
August has only just started and as some of you may have noticed from my lack of posts since (WOW) mid-June, I’ve gone on hiatus. I didn’t plan to, which is why I didn’t announce anything, but after two and then three weeks passed and I just didn’t write, I thought I’d officially go on break
NerdyFujo @ Hiatus
Hey guys, you may or may not have noticed but no posts in the past few weeks, I'll be disappearing for a while, it's ✨Almost Time for a Surprise✨ so I'm picking up more shifts at work and I'm exhausted, I'll still sort of be around but have little to no time to write 👀💦💦
What am I up to? BLOG CLEANING!
Right now I’ve been going through the blog and reposting some content. Some of it you may recognize if you’ve been following me since 2016. I go through these sessions of deleting my content “regularly”, but recently I’ve just been throwing it into this private archive “blog”. I’m slowly re-publishing some of the posts I am only now realizing are actually pretty well written and cool and full of my amazing FEELS
Here’s one right here:
Currently Reading: Seraph of the End (v. 2 – 4) | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
I will also probably be sharing these posts on Twitter as “Blasts from the Past” since I will be picking up a lot of these shows and manga up in the near future! This also means that I’m fixing up my categories and trying to find lost images because apparently, that’s what happens when you export and import things, images get lost. Not to mention these are OLD posts so the way I was blogging then and how I’m blogging now (in terms of image using) is very different
I’ve never wanted to use this term because, what if that’s not what these deletion periods are? Except, well, that’s the point, right?
Ideally, these moments of doubt will finally stop (or I’ll find a better way to go through them). For one, I’m sabotaging myself, and two, it only makes more bad feelings crop up in the long run. Plus, I’m actually pretty cool if you ask me! I just forget that sometimes
What's happening in September?
I will officially be jobless at the end of this month! I am actually super excited!! I’ve been working two jobs for a year now and I can’t wait to just, be able to breathe and have time for myself. There have been events, both in-person and online, that I’ve been wanting to attend but couldn’t because I work all day when they’re scheduled. I am often too tired to even watch anime or read manga, and well, I’d like to change that
My last post was about Gameboys:
So I Started Watching Gameboys Level-Up Edition (Netflix – First Impression) | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
However, it was only a first impression. I’ve been meaning to finally sit down and write the full review because seriously, this show ended up being SUPER CUTE and I want to let you all know it with my tears!!
I have also been watching a few other things here and there and have PLANS to just be a major weeb in September
Will posts be resuming in September?
That is the ideal goal, HOWEVER, as I noted in my Tweet a few weeks ago, I have a *surprise* in the making. I still don’t want to spoil it yet, I mean, I’ve been successfully keeping it a secret for almost two years at this point! But just know that it involves my moving and moving is Time-Consuming (not to mention that this isn’t just A Move but My First Move Away From Home)
I will try to start posting again in September, but chances are high that things might be running a little slow
BUT, it’s a certainty that I will be returning in October!!
Some of the plans!
In case anyone is wondering how long I’ll be jobless…it won’t be too long. I actually already have something else lined up but I wanted to have a bit of a break before I jump into the new job. I’ll be having about two weeks off this month, which I will use to just be with my family and start the packing process, and then all of September I will be a weeb. Well, a kind of responsible weeb since packing and IRL stuff will spill over into September
BUT, I also have plans to write/talk about
  • King’s Maker: Nope, I haven’t exhausted this fountain yet! I don’t usually talk about my progress while reading, but there have been THINGS happening in the story which I’d like to scream about!
  • Gameboys Final Review: YES, finally, I’d like to sit down and let you all know about how cute and gay this show is!!
  • Mob Psycho 100: I think I’ve never actually reviewed this show on my blog, which is CRAZY considering that this is one of my favorite shows!! And I just finished season two, which I’d been avoiding because I knew that scene would happen. But I’m done with it and I’d like to blog about it and maybe cry a bit too. When will there be a s3?!
  • Seraph of the End: The anime and manga! Reviews and an updated manga post
Again, I’m not sure if any of this will get posted, but I’d like to start writing it so that it will soon!
Recent Highlights!
Even though I’ve been away, I’ve been getting follows on the FB page and just THANK YOU EVERYONE!! It always makes my day, seeing the page get new follows and likes. I’d burst from happiness if I could get some comments thrown around on the page, blog, twitter, really anywhere! But baby steps
With this, the FB page officially has more follows than my Twitter, which is mindblowing to me. I never really used FB but maybe I should start using it some more if there are people actively following me there, what to do, what to do…
As for the Instagram…I haven’t really paid it much attention. I’m hoping that will change in the future since I’ll have more time for photoshoots, which I LOVE to do, but are time-consuming
Latest post:
miyukiobsessed • Instagram
Well that's about it
See you guys later and like last time, here are my links: 
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