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Issue #1: Blog Updates and Demon Slayer

Hey everyone, just dropping by to give some updates for the upcoming week (4/25 to 5/2)!

Life update: I’m not sure if I will still be alive starting next month. I decided to pick up a few shifts at work and that means I MIGHT have less time to work on the blog during the first two weeks of May. Might being the keyword because traffic is still slow enough where I can probably sneak a bit of writing during my shift. But I will be sleepy and tired, nothing new, but just a heads up - because I gave up my off days there may be posting delays or no posts at all for a week or two (starting 5/2)
NerdyFujo hosting #theJCS
Ok, so here is the plan for anerdyfujocries

✅ today: jjk hot boys and dilfs
🧐 monday: IG live? anime and jcs talk
🧐 weekday: demon slayer anime review?
🧐 sat: thejcs roundup goes live
🧐 next sun: demon slayer movie review
As you can see, I do have a plan for this week (the next 7 days). Today’s post went live earlier today, courtesy of my sneaking a bit of writing at work but also my passion for cute boys and wanting to share that all with you!
Jujutsu Kaisen – Why are the boys all so HOT?! | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
Demon Slayer will be dominating the next few weeks on the blog, or at least the next few posts! ICYMI, I did write a first impression last week (4/19). I ended up watching it because the movie was releasing this weekend so now that I am up-to-date, I am ready to GO. That said, the blog isn’t all that ready for a Demon Slayer movie review!
My plan was to write the series review for this week so that it Could be ready but the Jujutsu Kaisen post won the race.
IDEALLY, I’d like to post the Demon Slayer series review on or by Wednesday (4/28) so that there’s a nice gap between posts (I don’t really want to spam you all!) but if the plan fails, then I might just have to!
If the Demon Slayer series review doesn’t go up on the blog by Wednesday, expect it AND the movie review on Sunday (5/2) and Monday (5/3). Or potentially both on Sunday, the point being that I don’t want to delay these posts because 5/2 is when my schedule will become chaos!
I also know that if I start writing now, it will most definitely get posted by Wednesday but I kind of just want to watch some anime (but who knows)
Finally watching demon slayer! – First impression (ep 1-7) | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
ICYMI, I have an instagram for the blog and all the other nerdy stuff in my life! It’s been a little dead because I want it to look nice so when I post blog updates, I’m being a little perfectionist and making a pretty 1:1 image on my computer…and I don’t always have time for this…
So why the live? Remember I said I was going to bring back the manga hauls? WELL, it’s been great on the buying end, not so much on the posting. I made the first video in February but when I turned around and made the video for March…it was a fail
Manga Haul #1: Cute Boys and Failing at Videos | A Nerdy Fujo Cries
The videos for March and April exist but I wasn’t happy with them and they never got posted or re-shot and so the hauls never made it back on a monthly basis like I wanted
I think my problem lies with YouTube as a platform. I’ve tried doing this on numerous occasions but it just doesn’t work out. This idea that the videos I post on YT have to be PERFECT keep holding me back so I think I’m really going to try Instagram seriously
ONE: I’d like to see what I can do via IG Live. I’ve never done it before so I’m not entirely sure how long I can record for or how it will show up on my account afterward. If things work out, then expect short haul videos regularly on IG and then a monthly…sort of recap on the blog. The order of things is still in the works
For Monday’s IG Live I won’t be doing a manga haul (unless you all ask me to show you some manga). Instead, I’m just going to hang out. It’s probably going to be really boring but I’ll talk about some anime that I’ve watched recently, some stuff I want to watch, and maybe some #theJCS talk
WHEN will it happen? Honestly? I have no idea. I’m thinking sometime in the morning but it could also potentially be closer to noon. I’ll tweet about it when I muster up the strength to leave my bed
That is all for now! See you guys later. Don’t entirely know how this Revue stuff works yet so here are some links: Blog │ Twitter │ IG │ FB │ Ko-Fi
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