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Time to fire up the grill

Greetings from Michigan and spring break at Hope College! Yesterday it was 60° and today it’s sleetin
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Time to fire up the grill
By Andrew Meyers • Issue #91 • View online
Greetings from Michigan and spring break at Hope College! Yesterday it was 60° and today it’s sleeting out. (That’s a snowy-icy mix for those of you who live in lower latitudes.) In other words, it’s March! 🤣
I’m off next week, but I’ll see you back here for a new issue on March 29. Have a great (two) weeks!

  1. Engedi Church (my home church here in Holland, Michigan) has a worship album coming out! Here’s the first single.
  2. Exciting news regarding the imminent Disney+ streaming service — it’s said to contain the entire Disney motion picture library. The Disney Vault will be no more.
  3. This week Apple announced a special event — “It’s Show Time” — happening on Monday, March 25. They’re expected to unveil their long-rumored streaming TV service among other subscription-related stuff. (Apple’s keynote site)
  4. And in keeping with the Apple theme here, check out this amazing iMac concept by Lorenzo Mariotti on Behance. I love the AirPower charging pad integrated into the base of the stand. (Of course, such a design would require AirPower to exist.)
  5. There’s a lot to like about the most recent MacBook Pro, but with these most recent generations I’ve really missed the old snap-off-before-you-bust-your-computer Magsafe 2. The apt-ly named MagaBolt aims to fix that. (h/t Dense Discovery, one of my favorite newsletters)
  6. If you keep up with a bunch of RSS feeds on macOS, you’ll want to check out the Reeder 4 public beta.
  7. In PGA Tour news, this week is The Players Championship, and this morning Tiger put two shots in the water on the iconic #17. 🤦🏻‍♂️ (video link omitted intentionally 😢)
  8. I love handy apps like this! BBQ Handbook is here just in time for the summer grilling season.
  9. Green chile sauce as a topping on a frozen custard sundae? Let’s talk about this.
  10. Check out the Solo Stove Bonfire — it’s a beautifully designed, clean-burning fire pit for your backyard. ($299)
Vid O’ the Week
NEEDTOBREATHE ∙ White Fences (Acoustic Live in Grand Rapids)
NEEDTOBREATHE ∙ White Fences (Acoustic Live in Grand Rapids)
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