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The Agenda for Friday, October 7, 2016

Welcome, new subscribers! This week I was thrilled to be featured in Vessie from Revue’s latest diges
The Agenda
The Agenda for Friday, October 7, 2016
By Andrew Meyers • Issue #20 • View online
Welcome, new subscribers! This week I was thrilled to be featured in Vessie from Revue’s latest digest of digests. My thanks to all of you for your time and attention – I hope you enjoy my writing and links each week.
Update: I’ve been using my notebook a lot more this week. (Mine’s a Baron Fig Confidant – Gray color, Dot Grid format.) Besides taking down notes on individual appointments and meetings, I’ve been putting pen to paper as I try to clarify what’s important & urgent for each day. Here’s my approach to writing it out:
1. After subtracting immovable calendar items (meetings, phone calls, etc.), how many working hours do I have left?
2. What are my top three to-dos for the day (I talked about this last week), and how long will they take to complete? (Estimating the time to complete each task is also new for me.)
Here’s what crazy – I’m finding I have time left over to move on to other things. And that means I’m finishing my workday with far more satisfaction, which is awesome.
In fact, it’s a lot like managing a monthly budget: the more you pay attention – to your money, or in this case, time – the more resources you feel like you have. Put another way, focus begets a sense of abundance.
Hey, that was deep. See you next week.

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Read & Eat
Okay, so I really don’t cook much, but I do love reading cookbooks. New collections from two of my favorite chefs/food people are out this week. Check ’em.
“EveryDayCook” by Alton Brown
“Deep Run Roots” by Vivian Howard
Wrapping Up
Alright, that’s all for this week! I’ll be back next week with more interesting things. Have an idea or a comment for The Agenda? Simply hit reply or send it my way at
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