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Summer hours

My schedule tends to loosen up a bit in the summer (May 2 marks the start of many a summer season her
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Summer hours
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My schedule tends to loosen up a bit in the summer (May 2 marks the start of many a summer season here in higher ed), so I always enjoy a bit of a breather at this time of year.
Before we started having kids, I instituted a policy called “summer hours”, whereby I allowed myself the liberty of staying up a bit later than my normal 10 p.m. bedtime. (Kinda dorky, I know.)
I love watching movies and I love watching sports, so this is my chance to dig in on the NBA Playoffs and catch up on some Pierce Brosnan Bond movies.
(Incidentally, last week I watched Goldeneye, and while I’m quite nostalgic for the N64 game, I thought the movie itself was just… okay.)
See you next week!

photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
  1. This is the last day to sponsor the Meyers family as we run the Tulip Time 5K to help kids gain traction all around the world. Thank you!
  2. There’s always room for one more link about the 2019 Masters Tournament, right? Right. Here’s one written from the perspective of the iconic par 3 12th hole, Golden Bell.
  3. Here’s a blast from my Nickelodeon viewing past as Great Big Story profiles Double Dare and its iconic host, Marc Summers.
  4. And speaking of TV, this is a crazy story: a woman recorded 71,000 VHS tapes’ worth of television starting in the 1970s.
  5. My internet pal (and former owner of our family MacBook Air) Jory Raphael is coming out with his first book, Goes Without Saying. It’s a book of brain teasers made from his famed custom icons. So cool.
  6. Chris Guillebeau is another of my favorite authors, and he’s got a new book about side hustles coming out June 4.
  7. Designer Jake Sworski put an incredible amount of work into this watchOS design concept. I especially like the new apps for Activity and Workouts. Looking forward to what Apple shows off at WWDC in June.
  8. Marco Arment added a really cool clips sharing feature to Overcast, my podcast player of choice. (example)
  9. And I don’t know if you need any prior knowledge for this one, but if you want to listen to two funny guys spend 90 minutes discussing the perils of purchasing a new refrigerator, this episode of Reconcilable Differences is for you.
  10. I love history posts like this one detailing the water craft of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World.
Cartoon o’ the Week 🤣
via @tommysiegel
via @tommysiegel
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