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Step aside Nintendo

Some weeks I struggle a bit to curate ten interesting and relevant items for this newsletter, but thi
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Step aside Nintendo
By Andrew Meyers • Issue #99 • View online
Some weeks I struggle a bit to curate ten interesting and relevant items for this newsletter, but this was not one of those weeks. So many fun things to share.
As my weekly yard work requirements heat up I’ve been able to expand my weekly podcast listening to include a couple additional shows, namely Somehow I Manage (a rewatch podcast for The Office) and one of my old standbys, Mac Power Users.
Those shows are in addition to my weekly must-listens: Upgrade and Accidental Tech Podcast. Under the Radar and Thoroughly Considered always make the cut, but they’re both released fortnightly. Podcasts rule.
See you next week!
P.S. One more show I love but hardly ever get to unless I’m on the road for work is MacBreak Weekly.

  1. This is too cool: Panic (makers of Coda and other fine software) just announced Playdate, a brand-new portable gaming console that will ship in 2020. Count me in on this one. ($149)
  2. This week we learned a bit more about Mario Kart Tour, the forthcoming Nintendo game for iOS.
  3. Now on iOS: Ivy (App Store) embraces the Ivy Lee method for getting stuff done. James Clear explains.
  4. As I noted above, Mac Power Users is one of the select few podcasts I try to listen to each week, and I really enjoyed this recent episode with guest Michael Hyatt where the crew discussed productivity and focus.
  5. And speaking of podcasters, this week Casey Liss (of Accidental Tech Podcast fame) released his new iOS app, Vignette (App Store).
  6. Federico Viticci shared about 8 bajillion words on using the iPad as his main computer. (I might need to send that one to my Kindle.)
  7. You’ve heard of Skype and Zoom, but who knew Amazon offers a video conferencing platform as well?
  8. Flic 2 [Kickstarter] is the perfect button.
  9. Father’s Day is a mere month away, and I’m loving this special edition Ember mug. #dadmode
  10. And finally, “it’s time” for something a bit more refined: Back to the Future: The Musical will finally hit 88 mph in England in 2020.
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