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Nothing like a good story

Well, I’m five episodes in on Stranger Things (no spoilers, I’m only on season 1) and I’m officially
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Nothing like a good story
By Andrew Meyers • Issue #105 • View online
Well, I’m five episodes in on Stranger Things (no spoilers, I’m only on season 1) and I’m officially hooked. It’s odd because I don’t usually go for creepy, spooky TV and movies, but the 80s nostalgia is such a great hook for me, and the story is excellent.
Author Jon Acuff put it best on Twitter:
How powerful is a good story? It’s 6AM and my teenage daughters woke themselves up early, in the middle of the summer, to watch Stranger Things.
Jon’s definitely onto something — there’s just nothing like a good story. See you next week!

  1. Wait a minute. We didn’t ask for a Tie-Dye Frappuccino, did we?
  2. I love my Field Notes pocket notebooks, and their latest edition is all about our national parks. Gorgeous.
  3. And for notes of the digital variety, Spake is a free web app that doesn’t require you to create an account or log in.
  4. This week we took the boys on a day trip about an hour away from home, and they were loving Wow in the World, a sweet kids science & technology podcast from NPR.
  5. On my own podcast radar: the BBC series 13 Minutes to the Moon and this episode of NPR’s Planet Money featuring the true heroes of baseball.
  6. And speaking of summer stuff for kids that doesn’t involve screens: Circle offers these 60 ideas for fun family time and a big list of the best books to rival screen time.
  7. By the way, Circle with Disney is a sweet gadget that lets you put parental controls on your home WiFi. You can snag the first-gen version for $34, and a new second-generation Plus model for $129.
  8. In Nintendo news, Dr. Mario World landed on mobile devices this week (App Store | Google Play).
  9. And coming this fall, the Nintendo Switch Lite, a mobile-only version of the popular console. ($199)
  10. Want to know how much sun is left in your day? has you covered.

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Total Golf Move™
This kid is learning early that golf just isn’t a fair game
10:54 AM - 7 Jul 2019
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