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Chasing #16

I don’t have any big updates this week, except to say that it’s U.S. Open week, and of course I’d lov
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Chasing #16
By Andrew Meyers • Issue #101 • View online
I don’t have any big updates this week, except to say that it’s U.S. Open week, and of course I’d love to see Tiger contend! I hope to catch a lot of the tournament over the weekend.
See you next Friday!

  1. Over on, I reviewed the Baron Fig Squire rollerball pen (special orange Mysterium edition).
  2. Ken Jennings on the end to James Holzhauer’s incredible run on Jeopardy!.
  3. Meural is a smart frame that brings the world’s art to your wall.
  4. Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Big Bird & the crew stopped by NPR to perform a Tiny Desk Concert.
  5. I’ve been seeking out and soaking up details about Panic’s forthcoming Playdate handheld gaming console. This episode of The Talk Show With John Gruber includes many, many details about how Playdate came to exist. (I also signed up for the News+ trial so I could read the entire Edge magazine cover story.)
  6. Daniel Pink talks with writer Austin Kleon about making space to be creative.
  7. Related: I finished Austin’s book Steal Like An Artist this week — it’s a quick read and I loved it.
  8. Next up on my reading list: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson.
  9. If you’re a web designer or developer who tires of pressing “View Source” in Chrome all the time, check out the CSS Scan extension.
  10. “This meeting should have been an e-mail.” 🤣
Tweet O’ the Week ⚾️
Rob Friedman
Justin Verlander, 97mph Fastball and 88mph Slider, Overlay.
☝🏻Click through and check out the video — unbelievable.
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