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I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

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Vatsap? How Border broke an Indian war movie rule + 4 new things I learnt recently

There were explicit instructions from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in this regard, so 'friendly relations with foreign states' not be 'strained'. Earlier Indian war movies like Haqeeqat, Aakraman, Vijeta etc. never mentioned Pakistan or China.But …


Vatsap? Problem with good mood, Whatsapp controversy and my dogs!

I was reading Noise by Kahneman (and others) when I learnt something interesting about the negatives of a positive mood. I wrote about it. If you read my blog, you will also discover what the Footbridge problem is. It's interesting.


Vatsap? Goa's insta-worthy water-bodies, BJP's truth & my fake ads

The above video (click on the image to play) is short and nice and you will most likely learn something new. You will learn about the fascinating story behind some of the insta-worthy water bodies that Goa has. Yes, the story is bad.What is worse is the below…


Vatsap? Check out my insights on Meritocracy, English language's influence and ML.

Lot of paid work came my way and I could not manage to write new blogs or send off this newsletter. It's been many Sundays since I dispatched one. Anyhow, let's just focus on this Sunday today. Let's begin with meritocracy.


Vatsap? Wedding photography philosophy, networking and mere exposure effect

I basically have three things to share this week - two blogs and a Vlog. Hey, that rhymed and all that!


Vatsap? Video-story of my pets, bullshit jobs and Rahul Gandhi's prediction

A lot has happened since my last newsletter - the Capitol attack, Tesla's Bangalore registration and the Covid vaccine rollout to name a few. And yet, even when I read all the news and devoured many different books, I could put together very little (be it a v…


Vatsap? Insights on Apologies, Democracy & Weight-loss!

Sorry about the two weeks gap in sending my newsletter (did you even notice)? Now that I am saying sorry and stuff, let me share that I wrote a short blog this week, answering a simple question- does apologizing really work? What do you think?In fact I wrote …


Vatsap? I made a 3 min video on my Covid hospitalization; watch?

Let's all hope that over the next few months as we start getting vaccinated, we wouldn't need to visit hospitals for Covid treatment. And if vaccination is going to happen via syringes, I hope the doctor / nurse who administers me one (am I even eligible?) is…


Vatsap? Farmer protests, Brandolini’s principle and blind people running!

Those who missed reading my plus and minus summary of the Sep 2020 agri "reforms" earlier, should definitely read it now (had shared the article-link in a previous issue of this newsletter). It will help you consume all the news and memes and cartoons and Ins…


Exercising post Covid, origins of migrant-hatred and how India can educate its children better

I had been feeling better post Covid recovery. So I thought, let me get back to some exercising and all that. And then this happened - NY Times shared an article this week that totally freaked me out. I am not exercising no more!


Modi is both like Hitler and unlike him - new in blog!

Yes we do! I randomly discovered this insight while reading Good Economics for Hard Times by Abhijit V. Banerjee & Esther Duflo (Nobel prize winners from last year). I have shared it in this blog. The cheating insight comes from experiments done on humans…


I got infected with Covid-19 but should be out of hospital in a day!

My initial plan was to take a Sunday off from newsletter. And then I fell sick. Here's the full story. Nothing to worry about. But it was a bit crazy (I am not yet fully recovered). Anyway, here I am, back after missing three Sundays, typing this away from a …


Hey {{first_name}}, so something totally blew up on my insta this week!

Ok, so this is what happened. I saw a story on a friend's insta post (she was a junior in IIT many years ago). It was a message on how patriarchy is seen by different sections of society. I loved the message so much that I decided to illustrate the same. It's…


Watch my new jungle Vlog from Goa and read my blog on Hindu pride. You will love it!

Ok now to some serious stuff! I wrote two interesting blogs this week - on two very different topics.


I have put together a crisp plus and minus summary of the farm bills - must read!

This is the article link (on the farm bills). I read everything there was to read on the issue and watched two very long videos, to put together the piece. I might not be a farmer myself but I do have some experience of the rural / agri life, from my limited …


My penultimate Myanmar Vlog is ready + some pretty cool stuff like the Contact Hypothesis, indoor plants and crazy ducks!

You can read this newsletter on my blogsite too - the videos will play directly in there (while here in the email, they will open in new tabs).


Vatsap? here's the second video from my Myanmar adventure + some more stuff around Nobel Prize, Kalpana Chawla and Cancer research at IIT Madras + a NetFlix recco

This Sunday, I continue my Myanmar Vlog, share the psychology of why you may have felt odd about Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, question you on whether you should feel proud of Kalpana Chawla, share something on cancer research + my weekly C…


I finally edited one of my Vlogs from Myanmar work-trip!

In this Sundays' newsletter, I talk about my Myanmar adventures, India's falling GDP but rising Covid figures, Akshay Kumar's video game connection, Arnab's addiction, Japanese bodybuilders and Feminism.You can read this newsletter on my blog too.Videos embed…


Vatsap? made a new fun video (personal) + an awesome reading list for books and some more stuff

You can also read this newsletter in my blog (the advantage being that videos embedded in the blog play right there, while here in this email, when you play a video, it opens in a new tab - that's just how emails work unfortunately).


Vatsap? made a new video, and blogged about secularism, Ayodhya & Video-games

I am trying a new format this week wherein you can read the newsletter right here in your mailbox. Do you like this format better? Do let me know. It costs me money to do this, you know. So it better be of some value. That's all I am saying! :)