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Watch my new jungle Vlog from Goa and read my blog on Hindu pride. You will love it!



October 4 · Issue #7 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

Let's start off with a cute video of me in a jungle?
Click on the video for it to play. It's a short 5 min fun video.
Ok now to some serious stuff! I wrote two interesting blogs this week - on two very different topics.
1. Why do 'be proud of your Hindu culture' accounts / pages really exist?
Do check it out. The answer lies in understanding how fascism works and what the ‘mythic past’ really is. This week, I will most likely record a video on this topic too, both in English and in Hindi.
Some friends who read this blog, wanted a way for them to pass on the knowledge to their parents. For many of us, our parents keep falling for such pride-inducing accounts that exist for much sinister reasons than the benign facade they usually carry. The specific insta account that I’ve picked up on, for example, is called “ancient science”. What could possibly be wrong with that, right? Well, see for yourself!
2. The myth of the paid news subscription model
You may have heard this a lot lately: if you are not paying for the product, you are the product. So better pay up for the news that you consume - go for subscriptions. Without that, press can’t be free and journalism will continue to suck. But is it so?
I dig deep and the reality will surprise you. It took me two weeks to look at a lot of news related data and reading of several chapters from a proper book on journalism to finally piece this together. Hope you see things for what they truly are!
If you have anything to add / tip me on (either on this or the earlier blog) please do. I like to keep my learning non-rigid. So should everyone! :) I got a sweet Whatsapp ping yesterday from someone who reads my blogs. It made me so happy to think that my writing does encourage people to become more knowledgeable about the world that they live in.
My weekly update on Covid deaths projection for India is out as usual.
As expected, this week the death toll finally crossed 1 lakh. That’s the bad news. But there is a good news too.
The weekly growth in both cases and deaths remained negative for two consecutive weeks.
This seems to indicate that India is probably approaching the peaking point. Do read my  full analysis. I project that we will have another 50k dead by Nov end but once we cross 2 lakh deaths overall, the toll will really really slow down and India could flatten out below 200 per million deaths. 1 lakh total deaths = 74 per million btw.
What’s happening in Hathras is out there and everyone is talking about it - there is nothing more for me to add. But I heard a beautiful poem rendition on Twitter yesterday and felt like adding some music and footage to it. So I did. Sharing that with you (it’s in Hindi though).
#DalitLivesMatter "Suno Draupadi"
Let's end this newsletter on a happy note?
Watch the below video of a horse running on water and tell me what your explanation of this is. To be honest I have already figured it out and no it’s neither VFX nor magic! If you can’t solve this puzzle, drop me an email and I will explain! :) Even if you think you know the right answer, share it with me?
That will be all for this Sunday. Do check out my patreon page and see if you are motivated to become a paid subscriber (even for a short while and for any amount that you feel okay with). I would be grateful. I have explained in there how Patreon works and why it matters for me. Thanks! See you next Sunday.
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