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Vatsap? Wedding photography philosophy, networking and mere exposure effect



January 24 · Issue #16 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

I basically have three things to share this week - two blogs and a Vlog. Hey, that rhymed and all that!
Candid photographer's work philosophy - Amrit Vatsa []
In the above video I share my philosophy of taking photographs in a wedding, while taking photographs in a wedding. :D
By the way, this is the same wedding after which I got Covid and then documented my stay in a Covid ward in Goa.
Before I come to the blogs, Dona & Paula are growing up fast. I drew a random illustration featuring them.
Cute, na?
Cute, na?
And now the blogs...
Both are pretty short (part of my LHE series). Also, the insights in both of them come from the same book.
Consider the following two statements:
  1. I frequently catch up with colleagues from different departments, and
  2. I use company events to make new contacts.
As part of a study, 279 employees were observed for two years. The aim was to understand what predicted career-success. Which group do you think had better salary / career outcomes in two years – the one that went with the first statement (focusing on network-management) or the second (focusing on building new connections)? I answer it here.
In my second blog this week, I explain what MEE is (mere exposure effect).
A psychologist presented some subjects with a variety of photographs - of different white men taken from a yearbook. Some photographs were shown only once, while others were shown up to 25 times. Each subject was then asked to rate how much they thought they’d like the person (in the photograph) if they happened to actually meet them, in-person. How do you think they responded? I’ve answered in the blog.
The only other thing I’d like to share before I wrap up, is this honest piece on the arrested young comic Munawar Faruqui that my friend Prachi put together. Read it and think for yourself where our country is headed.
That’s about it. Is it OK if sometimes I keep my newsletter short like this one? Do you actually like it more this way? Let me know.
See you in a week (hopefully).
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