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Vatsap? Video-story of my pets, bullshit jobs and Rahul Gandhi's prediction



January 17 · Issue #15 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

A lot has happened since my last newsletter - the Capitol attack, Tesla’s Bangalore registration and the Covid vaccine rollout to name a few. And yet, even when I read all the news and devoured many different books, I could put together very little (be it a video or a blog). Anyway, hello again.
Before I begin, how old do you think is the concept of ‘Hinduism’? Will get back to it towards the end. Let’s start with something lighter.
The story of how we adopted Dona-Paula
We adopted Indian street dogs - a golden retriever showed up! [VLOG]
Above is a cute and short Vlog video. Chances are, you will smile while watching it. Not a bad way to start your Sunday, right?
The only new blog that I have got for you is one on the concept of ‘Bullshit Jobs’. The below illustration may pique your interest.
It’s based on David Graeber’s book by the same name (Bullshit Jobs) and if you are curious to know more, just read my blog?
Of all the jobs that can be bullshit, farming is definitely not one of them. The issue around the farm-bills refuses to die in spite of talks after talks. I was reading a Business Standard editorial one of these weeks, when I came across yet another government’s POV on the bills.
Click on image to read the article
Click on image to read the article
In the editorial, Puri (BJP Minister) quotes Rahul Gandhi from a 2015 Lok Sabha speech. Gandhi seemed to have said - “few years ago, a farmer asked me about the cost of chips sold at Rs 10 when we sell potatoes at Rs 2 per kg. If we directly give our produce to the factories, then the middle men won’t benefit.”
I felt like finding the video where I could listen to the above quoted words to see for myself the hypocrisy of Congress. I found the below video instead. And as I watched it, I went like - wow - Gandhi had instead predicted - five years ago - what was to happen in 2020!
Rahul Gandhi speech on Farmers in LokSabha | 20 April, 2015
By the way, here is some nice on-ground observation of the farmer protest, as put together by someone I know (on his Facebook feed, which is public - so go ahead, read it). He visited the border and wrote down what he saw.
Food that farmers provide is a necessity. But once our stomach is full, we crave for pleasure.
There is this pretty insightful piece in Money Control on the erotic streaming platforms of India. Did you know about them? I didn’t. What an Ullu I was!
We don’t always have to watch erotic stuff for pleasure of course. Sometimes, just watching a man and a dolphin is pleasurable enough - especially if they are doing things together.
Leah McElrath 🏳️‍🌈
So you’re telling me you haven’t seen a man and dolphins doing cartwheels together today?

Let’s change that:
Since there is nothing more for me to share, let me now answer the question that I asked in the beginning. The concept of Hinduism is only around 200 years old. Yes, that’s all. This Caravan article helped me realize it. If you are an upper caste hindu fan-boy, skip it; chances are instead of learning anything new from the article, you will mostly spend your time in finding flaws.
Ok, see you soon (hopefully next Sunday itself). Take care and be compassionate.
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