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Vatsap? made a new video, and blogged about secularism, Ayodhya & Video-games



August 23 · Issue #1 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

I am trying a new format this week wherein you can read the newsletter right here in your mailbox. Do you like this format better? Do let me know. It costs me money to do this, you know. So it better be of some value. That’s all I am saying! :)

Alright, so here's the brand new video...
Interview lighting comparison - Fresnel Vs. led-panel
I had shot this last year itself, but got to wrap it up only now!
Also like every week, I have the updated Covid deaths forecast for India. Here’s the full analysis.
The avg daily deaths this week was 965 - that’s five fully loaded A320 airplanes crashing and killing every passenger every day.
But growth-rate wise, things look better. This week, the week-on-week growth in deaths stands just at 4% and that for new positive cases is even less at 3%. Also, the %age of positive cases that die, has been consistent at around 1.5-1.6% (since a month now). I project that we will cross 1 lakh deaths by Sep end (we are at 56k deaths as of now; we were only at 36k by July end).
I also created a new podcast where I illustrate how secularism is a myth in India.
Check out the podcast.
In the podcast (and the blog), I focus on a single aspect of governance - involvement of government in the management of religious institutions.
Were the pre-colonial rulers involved in who administered temples? Did the Britishers interfere? Is it ‘constitutional’ in our ‘secular’ India for governments to get into affairs of temples and mosques? It’s an intriguing story.
This week, I also spent some time in putting together a detailed timeline of the entire Ayodhya dispute. I even ended up drawing few illustrations to make the otherwise long blog somewhat aesthetic. Do check it out if you have never really followed the dispute in detail - I have made it extremely clear (or so I hope).
Ram Rath Yatra, 1990, India
Ram Rath Yatra, 1990, India
Now you may or may not ever visit Ayodhya, but everyone wants to visit Goa.
Some of you want to move there, altogether! Over the last two years, I’ve made 3 videos sharing perspectives of those those who made such a move.
Planning to move to Goa? Must Watch! Ep1
This week, I put together all the three videos in one page, and added an additional FAQ (that I plan to keep on updating). If Goa has been on your mind lately, you will find some very useful insights in the page.
Let’s say you don’t want to move to Goa right now. How about moving to a deserted island with many cute animals, all of whom have human like traits?
If you have kept up with video-games, you would know I am talking about Animal Crossing - the biggest gaming sensation of this year (its latest version released in March).
Now I am not a gamer or anything, and you don’t have to be one yourself, to enjoy the insights that I bring to you on this Nintendo blockbuster. It’s amazing to see some of the creative ways in which brands are making their presence felt in the virtual world full of Animal Crossing fans, all trying to make something nice of the island that they inhabit.
Talking about video-games, did you see what Tesla dropped in this week for its car-owners? This is just so cool!
JESUS @Tesla and @elonmusk just putting their hands in our wallets at this point
I had two more car-videos that I’d thought I’d share but I think this is enough for a newsletter. Will get back next Sunday with some more stuff.
Do let me know if you’d rather want to get my newsletters in this new - inside your inbox - format, than the link to visit my blog format. And if you really do want to watch those two car videos, ask for it and I will share the link over mail.
Take care and ping you soon.
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