By Amrit Vatsa

Vatsap? here's the second video from my Myanmar adventure + some more stuff around Nobel Prize, Kalpana Chawla and Cancer research at IIT Madras + a NetFlix recco





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September 13 · Issue #4 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

This Sunday, I continue my Myanmar Vlog, share the psychology of why you may have felt odd about Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, question you on whether you should feel proud of Kalpana Chawla, share something on cancer research + my weekly Covid updates and end with a Shitoon.
If you read this newsletter on my blog-site, all the videos will play directly in there (so you will avoid opening multiple tabs).

The Myanmar saga continues
I hope you enjoyed part 1 that I shared last week. Here is the second part of my four part BTS series. You will see me travel to an island in a crazy ferry ride and chase some stories. Feb was fun!
Indian in Myanmar part 2/4 (film-maker BTS)
My Myanmar story is all fun and happy but The New York Times had something serious that it brought out this week - on the killings of the Rohingya Muslims in the country. It’s something really worth reading.
The PM equivalent of Myanmar (State Councellor) is an old lady named Aung San Suu Kyi who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 (when she was under house arrest by the country’s military). This week, when I heard about Trump’s nomination for the coveted prize, I really wanted to understand what was happening.
I read up a little on the Nobel Peace Prize and have some interesting insights to share.
Also, tell me, did you feel proud as an Indian when Kailash Satyarthi won the Prize in 2014? If yes, why? After all, what was your contribution towards his achievement?
I have thought about this “feeling proud” thing for quite some time. I wondered again when I read the news below, this week.
Today, @NorthropGrumman named the next #Cygnus spacecraft launching to @Space_Station in honor of astronaut Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian descent to go to space:

Liftoff is targeted for Sept. 29 from @NASA_Wallops.
The phenomenon that describes this is called BIRGing and if you have never heard of it before, do check out my short blog on the topic. And then tell me, is it okay for me to feel proud of IIT Madras just because I graduated from it?
I had made a bunch of videos for IITM last year as part of its 60 years celebration (60 videos X 60 second).
One such 60 seconder was published this week - it is about cancer research and I think what is happening in IIT Madras in this area is fascinating (whether or not I feel proud of it).
IIT Madras
#IITMin60secs National Cancer Tissue Biobank of #IITMadras is India's first non-profit community based #TissueBank at @iitmbt. It is a joint-initiative of @IndiaDST & @iitmadras to provide high-quality tissue database, to facilitate improvements in Cancer Diagnosis & treatment.
Now that we are talking about cancer, let’s also quickly touch upon Covid. My weekly updates and projections are out as usual.
India is at 77k+ reported Covid deaths (56 per million) and would cross 1 lakh by month end / Oct first week. Pune is leading the growth where 700+ per million have already died.
Do check out my full analysis where I also explain till when cases / deaths could keep rising.
Enough of grimness; let’s have some laughs at the expense of Covid now, shall we?
Before I end, I drew something this week, so check that out (open on Instagram and swipe to read the subsequent three strips).
This is all that I have to share. If you are in the mood for Netflix reccos - do watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix (thankfully it’s not a series).
The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix
Have a great day and a great week, stay safe, spend less time on Social Media, do something good for the world and I will see you again, in a week’s time!
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