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Vatsap? Goa's insta-worthy water-bodies, BJP's truth & my fake ads



May 16 · Issue #18 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

How does a water-rich region become completely dependent on tankers?
The above video (click on the image to play) is short and nice and you will most likely learn something new. You will learn about the fascinating story behind some of the insta-worthy water bodies that Goa has. Yes, the story is bad.
What is worse is the below table that BJP put out this week on its official Twitter handle.
They have been using the pandemic for their vested political interests.

But truth can’t be suppressed.

Here are the facts.

I was genuinely shocked to read the content of this table. But I kept a cool mind and read the whole thing a few times just to make sure I was not jumping to any conclusions. That didn’t help. It was senseless after all.
I have dissected some of the “truths” mentioned in the BJP table in a short and quick blog. I don’t know if you even need to read it.
Does reading news help us make a good sense of the world that we live in?
Karthik - a college senior - wrote a nice blog this week about the problem with assuming a situation is as bad as negative news coverage makes it sound like. And news coverage, typically is negative. “Spectacularness bias” is the keyword to look for in his blog. He also nicely explains why it sucks that we don’t have meaningful Covid data. If you find this topic interesting, I also recommend you read up what ‘availability bias’ is, in Daniel Kahnemans’ legendary book - Thinking Fast & Slow.
The other news that keep trending in these gloomy Covid times are the Crypto-centric ones. I have something on that too.
I wrote a short blog summing up my Crypto story so far. It may be useful to you if you are still unsure of what exactly to do with all the crypto related stuff you keep hearing all the time.
If my blog makes you too excited however, I would like you to check out Vivek Kaul’s take on the same topic. He paints a fucked-up picture of the future of crypto. And even when I have invested in crypto myself, I agree with Vivek on his overall premise - it is a ponzi scheme in many ways (if not exactly that). Netflix has a very good documentary series that starts off with the origin of ponzi (named after Charles Ponzi). Below is trailer.
Money, Explained | Official Trailer | Netflix
By the way, I loved a Malyali movie on NF called Nayattu. If you are wondering what to watch this Sunday - give it a try - it’s pretty interesting in terms of the overall story and some really really great performances.
On a lighter note, since few days I have been taking digs at every Tom, Dick & Harry launching an online course / workshop (because ‘Covid’). I mean, good for them (especially if they are able to make money) but I just find all this a bit much. Below is one example (more on my insta handle @amritvatsa) of my ‘FAKE ADS BY AMRIT VATSA’ series.
That’s all for this newsletter. Will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Keep safe, get vaccinated (I got my first dose) and keep chasing that happiness! Bye for now.
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