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April 4 · Issue #17 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

Lot of paid work came my way and I could not manage to write new blogs or send off this newsletter. It’s been many Sundays since I dispatched one. Anyhow, let’s just focus on this Sunday today. Let’s begin with meritocracy.
I highly recommend this book. I wrote a blog explaining some of the key insights that I gained from reading it. If you are unlikely to read the book, spend few minutes reading the blog at least.
Meritocracy or the idea / philosophy that society should allocate economic rewards according to merit is appealing for two primary reasons – efficiency and fairness. As per the meritocratic ethic, we do not deserve to be rewarded, or held back, based on factors beyond our control. So far so good. But wait a second, do you notice the contradiction?
Is having (or lacking) certain talents really our own doing? And if not, is meritocracy really all that ‘fair’?
I finished writing my blog around ten days back. Coincidentally, Vox published a video on pretty much the same topic this Friday!
Is Meritocracy a Myth?
To the liberal class, every big economic problem is really an education problem, a failure by the ‘losers’ to learn the right skills and get the credentials everyone knows you’ll need in the society of the future. But it’s really not an answer at all – it’s a moral judgement.
Having said the above, I have myself been working on a long-term assignment for an ed-tech company that pretty much sells the idea that if a child is not good in English, they are less likely to succeed in life, compared to those who are better in the language. Sadly, this is not a hypothesis - it’s true.
I traveled to Mumbai to meet few parents and understand from them why they care about English skills of their children so much. What they shared with me, makes total sense. Below is one such video. What do you think?
Amrutash Misra
6e. Get customer videos made. Hire a good film-maker (we hired @amritvatsa) and get your customer’s story out. Your customer can pitch for you much better than you can. Watch this!

To be honest, Tyranny of Merit - the book, doesn’t actually preach that focusing on education is wrong or anything like that. What it says is that it is not the ‘ultimate’ solution to inequality. That’s it.
While making the testimonial videos for the English learning platform required travel from my end, I also created something for another ed-tech company that didn’t need me to leave my house at all. For the video shared below (on ML), I directed the whole thing sitting at my desk in Goa. Once the footage was shared with me online, I could put together the story.
Does Machine Learning (ML) interest you?
Machine Learning Course | Lema Labs, IIT Madras Incubation Cell
Before I end, let me leave you with an amzing Twitter thread. It's the story of David vs. Goliath in which, tragically, David doesn't win! :( Still, a great thread!
Andrew Wilkinson
This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid.

Ten. Million. Dollars.

Literally up in smoke. Money bonfire.

That’s enough to retire with $250,000+ in annual income.

Here’s what happened…
That’s it for this newsletter. See you when I see you. In the mean time, could you write few lines describing my newsletter in your own words? What are my newsletters about? Just want to hear your thoughts - would appreciate if you reply. Thanks again.
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