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I have put together a crisp plus and minus summary of the farm bills - must read!



September 27 · Issue #6 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

This is the article link (on the farm bills). I read everything there was to read on the issue and watched two very long videos, to put together the piece. I might not be a farmer myself but I do have some experience of the rural / agri life, from my limited interactions with farmers over the years (in the process of making several short documentary films).
I wish I could sum up my thoughts on the bills in few lines. But this is not that kind of a story. Do spend the ten minutes it will take you to read what I have written and then decide for yourself what you want to make of the outrage by farmers of some Indian states.
Changing a game is easy – but who is equipped to play, who is the referee and will the game end well? This is what you should be asking.
This week, I also wrapped up my four-part Myanmar film-making BTS series. If you have been following the episodes so far, you will enjoy this last one too - mostly just me having fun and getting undressed! :D
Great hotels in Myanmar - filmmaking BTS - Vlog
When you are in my kind of field, where you have to regularly travel to random places with all your gear, it helps to be fit. I have a shorter one minute video to share to motivate you to be fit. Watch it, get motivated, and keep expanding because ‘contraction is death’.
Modi Fit India Rap 2020 - by Amrit Vatsa
If you are really serious about fitness though, but have been lacking the motivation to do much about it, you should consider joining the online group fitness Zoom classes that Princy (my wife) takes - they are brilliant. Just ping her on insta and she will answer your questions.
Contraction may be death, but what is also death (to at least 1% of those who test positive) is Covid-19. My weekly update is out as usual.
For the first time, total reported positive cases in a week were less than the count from previous week - all the way by 8%!!
So has India peaked already? Let’s not rush to conclude that. In any case, we are at 93k+ deaths now and this is the week when India’s reported Covid death toll crosses 1 lakh. Just read my blog for an estimate of future projection (when do we reach 2 lakh now? when does it all stop?)
The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal- among the world’s oldest and best-known. It had something to report on India this week - “hope is important, and recognizing successes is vital, especially during a pandemic. But presenting the current situation in India with a too positive spin not only clouds reality but also hampers vital public health initiatives.”
Talking about Covid, does it impact men and women equally?
The short answer is no. My new blog this week - ‘Invisible women’ in the Covid times - explores the area of gender / sex gap when it comes to healthcare / drug / vaccine research and development. I also introduce you to a super insightful and eye-opener book that exposes the gender / sex data bias in almost everything that is ‘man’-made in this world! If you are a feminist or ever proclaimed that you are one, you must be aware about the data reality of the world that we live in.
Another aspect of bad design of everyday things (systems / infrastructure included) pertains to lack of consideration for people with disability.
One of IIT Madras’ official handle published a video this week that I had created for them last year (or may be the year before that).
R2D2 does some fascinating work around affordable accessibility solutions and this 3 minute story would be worth your time.
That’s it for this Sunday. Have a great one and will get back in a week, as always!
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