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Hey {{first_name}}, so something totally blew up on my insta this week!



October 11 · Issue #8 · View online

I love dissecting how the world works. I share some of that through this newsletter.

Ok, so this is what happened. I saw a story on a friend’s insta post (she was a junior in IIT many years ago). It was a message on how patriarchy is seen by different sections of society. I loved the message so much that I decided to illustrate the same. It’s a seven slider that you can check out on my instagram. Below is the title slide.
This is the first of the seven slides - check the whole thing on insta
This is the first of the seven slides - check the whole thing on insta
More than 200 people shared the above post withing the first 24 hrs. That may not be a very high number, but is still a big deal for me because ‘sharing’ is not that common on insta. I was just happy that the message resonated with so many. And then, something totally strange happened.
A snapshot from a twitter account that I posted in my feed next, blew up like nothing has ever blown up before. As I compose this newsletter, this post about a girl sharing her experience of unsafe cycling (because of men) has been liked over 7,000 times and shared almost 5,000 times! WHAT??
There are few slides in here, too - go to insta and read the whole thing.
There are few slides in here, too - go to insta and read the whole thing.
It’s funny (and sad) how men, when they read such experiences, don’t want to just acknowledge the feeling being shared. Most men also want to point out that “not all men” and “carry a knife / cycle in groups”. Why do men behave like that? Not only that, it’s clear that such men can’t possibly see the problem with their statements irrespective of how much ‘reasoning’ one does. I wrote two blogs to explain this.
Blog 1 - Why men often assume that when a woman shares a problem, she’s asking him to propose a solution?
In this blog, I introduce to you the concept of ‘empathizing vs. systemizing’ and the three kinds of conversations that one must be aware of. I also share a story about one day old babies and a girl named Jennifer. It’s insightful.
Blog 2 - The reason why trying to learn by ‘reasoning’ and ‘logic’ on social media typically doesn’t work.
Let me just share a figure I drew for this blog - if that excites you, do read the blog (a 5 min read).
If you do read it, you will learn about something called the language of the jackal (and the giraffe) and a basic pictorial introduction to the ‘standpoint theory’.
What you will definitely not learn is how “good values” can solve the rape culture that persists in our country. For that, this BJP MLA should be your go to guy.
#WATCH Incidents like these can be stopped with help of good values, na shashan se na talwar se. All parents should teach their daughters good values. It's only the combination of govt & good values that can make country beautiful: Surendra Singh, BJP MLA from Ballia. #Hathras
I think this week for me was a lot about gender based issues! I made a 1 minute video for my wife’s clothing brand that got a pretty good organic response (even when technically it’s just an ad). Should I make few more on these lines? Her new collection is coming out soon.
Before I end this Sunday’s newsletter, no I have not forgotten about Covid. Neither should you. My weekly update is out as always. Both the reported cases and deaths have been coming down since three weeks now - so that’s really great.
We are at 1.07 lakh reported deaths presently and as per my estimate this would grow to around 1.4 to 1.6 lakh by year end and eventually India is likely to flat out completely by the time 2 lakh are reported dead by Covid.
That’s about it for this Sunday. See you in a week’s time. Take care and if you have some cash, support my writing / creations by becoming my patron on Thanks!
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