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You Write Because You Have To

Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande
Hello Friend,
After a prolonged slump in my productivity, I’ve been writing a lot more recently. I’m not sure what has brought in this change. Some alteration in the environment I write in had stimulated such a turn around in the past. A new keyboard. A new platform. Or a new place.
However, my selection of tools has hardly changed this time. It’s never the tools I keep telling myself. Such tool-induced changes in habits are short-lived.
This recent quote from Halle Kaplan-Allen is pretty profound in that sense.
The best tool to achieve any task is the one that you are going to stick by. Tool proliferation leads to increased complexity, and increased complexity leads to productivity paralysis.
I recently came across a sudden surge of posts where a new tool inspired many people to get back to writing. Each person had a new idea that the said tool would help them in. “The simplicity kills the friction; that should help me write more,” goes the thought. That line of thinking should work, sure. But for the majority of us, our minds aren’t wired that way.
Judy Blume says, “you don’t write because you want to, but because you have to”. She is spot-on; I never want to write. I can’t force my mind to sit at the keyboard and fill the pages with words. I only write when I am emotionally involved in what I write. In short, I write best when I believe in what I am writing. Otherwise, all the words are hollow. The thoughts, meaningless. So, I welcome my recent creative phase.
Anyway, here’s a selection of this edition’s three brilliant works of writing. I hope they inspire you to write as well as you can.

Artwork by Fancy Crave on Unsplash
Artwork by Fancy Crave on Unsplash
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Thank you for reading and sharing.
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Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande @_am1t

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