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On Notebooks, Words & Language

Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande
“We never sit anything out. We are cups, quietly and constantly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” - Ray Bradbury
This short quote captures my process of writing so perfectly. I find that the words flow most freely when I let my heart spill the thoughts, the stories on to a paper without holding back. Being afraid that the words you pen would be read, would be judged binds them. Shackles them within one’s heart. I believe they get trampled there.
This issue features thoughts from some brilliant minds on what makes writing natural. Be it in a notebook to be relished privately. Or be it published to be critiqued openly.

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Kurt Vonnegut's Greatest Writing Advice
George RR Martin and Stephen King
George RR Martin and Stephen King
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One Final Inspiration
Jeff Goins
Do you know why birds sing just before dawn? Scientists believe it's to tell their mates that they made it through the night, as a way of saying, "I'm still here." Maybe that's why we sing, too, why we create art—as a way of saying, "I made it. I'm still here."
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Thank you for reading and sharing.
- Amit
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Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande @_am1t

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