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On A Healthful Train of Thought

Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande
Hello Friend,
I hope you are in a healthy state of mind and body; the endless whirlpool of tragic tales from the pandemic-ridden world hasn’t pulled you down.
I lately focus a lot on my health, both physical and mental. My mind and body have endured a lot of stress in the past three months, making me realize the importance of staying fit. It was time that I took control and regain the lost energy.
Keeping up with such a resolution is not easy. My mind desires to wander; my body demands to lay back. You are so tired; why do you want to exert yourself more? It questions. And I have often given in on their desires and demands. Not this time, though.
For more than a month now, I have been on the lookout for ways to help myself with this fight. To find ways that work for me. To not give up on the resolve when the things that aren’t working out. I have read a series of articles and books that have helped many that I know. I am consciously implementing what they suggest, attempting before deciding.
Very often, I have fallen prey to prematurely make up my mind about the suggestions from others. “I don’t share that surrounding. I am in such a different phase of my life. That’s too costly. Or too difficult. Or too stupid.” My mind always finds some way to convince me why the suggested strategies won’t work. A month back, it was time for some introspection.
Is it not ironic that a tired mind and body doesn’t want to be taken care of?
Anyway, here’s a selection of this edition’s three brilliant works of writing. I hope they trigger some inspiration for your mind to churn a few happy, positive thoughts.

Artwork by Abhinav Srivastava on Unsplash
Artwork by Abhinav Srivastava on Unsplash
Have any recommendations or feedback for me? I’d love to hear from you. Just hit reply or you can even email me.
Thank you for reading and sharing.
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Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande @_am1t

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