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Library Is a Space Ship, Time Machine and Much More

Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande
“A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas - a place where history comes to life.” — Norman Cousins
Though it’s an apt characterization, a library has been labelled in many more ways. For some, it’s a getaway, a place they tip-toe into to gain a momentary respite from their daily grinds. For some, it’s a vast ocean of knowledge they dip their minds in to get enlightened. For writers, it can be both. And so much more.
This issue features a few essays that depict what libraries mean to a few writers and what, according to them, they should mean to everyone else.

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How to design a library that makes kids want to read | Michael Bierut
How to design a library that makes kids want to read | Michael Bierut
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One Final Inspiration
David Perell
Your writing doesn't need to be 100% original.

∙ There are more than 1,000 biographies of Winston Churchill.

∙ Yuval Noah Harari sold 12 million copies of Sapiens and instead of doing new research, he presented ideas in a new way.

Synthesis can be as valuable as originality.
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Amit Gawande
Amit Gawande @_am1t

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