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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #9

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #9
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #9 • View online
“Buddha at the Silicon Valley”
You might be wondering why I have put such a queer title of a blog ! Putting first the warning signs: Don’t Read further if you satisfy the following criteria:
  1. If you are a hardliner Capitalist (VC/Angel types) or Buddhist as both are gonna hurt real bad 
  2. If you abhor/hate loong post, because it is going to take some of your precious time:)
Still here?
Firstly, Why Buddha? 
You may call it one of my idiosyncrasies or fetish for Buddha else you can read my reasons in this blog. This blog answers many questions related to Sadhan Revenue Model:) So you must read this interesting piece:

Sector Focus: Copper
Is Copper New Gold?
Stock Focus: Borosil Renewables
Will the Sun Shine for this monopoly Solar Manufacturer?
Sadhan Portfolio
Stock Analysis: Alkyl Amines
Don't miss the returns. Watch our simplified videos, ask questions and get going
Don't miss the returns. Watch our simplified videos, ask questions and get going
Live Workshop
If you are a market beginner and you have been waiting for a complete package for beginners then you must attend my zoom workshop to be organised on April 30 (Fri), May 1 & May 2 (Sun) at 11:30. The registration link are below:
Pre-Payment Pages
How to increase immunity by a simple Breathing Technique!
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Amitabh Vatsya

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