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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #5

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #5
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #5 • View online
Hi Readers !
Let me just summerise my core investment philosophy which have actually helped me grow as an Investor and that is beautifully and succintly put forth by Robert Hangstorm in his book “Investing : The Last Liberal Art ”
“From each discipline the thoughtful person draws significant mental models, the key ideas that combine to produce cohesive understanding. Those who cultivate this broad view are well on their way to achieving worldly wisdom, that solid mental foundation without which success in the market — or anywhere else — is merely a short-lived fluke.”
So I am on my ways to collect various mental models which I shall put to use while investing. Sometimes this various model would test your intellect as they might be exact opposite of each other, but remember people who do great things, tolerate ambiguity.
There are 5 ambiguities in this newsletter which you have to overcome to grow as investor ! Check out the last segment for that !

Stock Focus
Chambal Fertilisers: A Challenger to Coromandel International
Sadhan Performance
Video Link:
Video Link:
Sector Focus
Fertilisers looks very attractive.The sector had been historically marred by govt delay in subsidy release but, this is going to be change and we started seeing disbursement from Rs 65,000 cr kitty of additional allocation. Although costs have started hardening but the companies have started increasing the retail price, so the balance is maintained. you can know a lot about this sector by reading here and here
A lot of steam is still left in BalramPur Chini, so you might want to check this out:
How to Pick Top Sugar Stock ! The Ethanol Twist |Sugar Sector Analysis |
How to Pick Top Sugar Stock ! The Ethanol Twist |Sugar Sector Analysis |
Book Summary
How to make Best use of your 10 mins?Watch in this lucid video, what Benjamin Graham had written in this investment classic:
हिंदी |The Intelligent Investor |10 Min Book Summary|
हिंदी |The Intelligent Investor |10 Min Book Summary|
Is Solara Active Pharma a Dependable API Stock ?
Ambiguity no 1: Chambal Vs Coromandel:: Rajasthan vs Vizag. You are telling that Coromandel is an arm candy of MF fund managers?
Ambiguity no 2: Godavari Power & Ispat limited:: Ye kya hai? haven’t heard the name even, forget about investing !
Ambiguity no 3:What ? Fertilisers? Cyclicals bro !!
Ambiguity no 4:The Intelligent Investor:: Who has the time in this world to read a dated book, written on a non Desi backdrop!
Ambiguity no 5: Solara Active: Do your home work bro - haven’t you heard the Promoter is looking to sell out?
Keep Watching ! Keep Learning ! Keep collecting Mental Models !
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Cya ! Cheers !
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