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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #38

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #38
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #38 • View online
Thy path will reveal thyself !
Investing is a pathless land, nevertheless if you are mindfully treading then thy path will reveal thyself, when you are ready ! This is my personal ethos towards investing !
“If you do not know who you are then the stock market is an expensive place to find out”
-Adam Smith
These words, spoken in 1723 are a timely reminder that stock prices can fall much faster than they can rise, hence the role of temperament becomes much much important. And temperament cannot be taught , but it can be learnt.
It can be learnt by observation! Virendra Sehwag used to say he learnt most when he started opening up with Sachin Tendulkar ! He learnt by watching him bat from the other side of the pitch !
Welcome to Sadhan Mentorship Program, If you want to learn investing not by recorded videos but in a LIVE Action packed programme where you will have access to my decision making tools, access to my complete portfolio as well as can question my investment decisions so that you can also develop your own investment framework like I did. And all of this not just by watching from the fence but actually investing with me, interacting with me ! 
Under this mentorship program you will gain excess to :
1. Customised Excel Tool integrated with ( saves time)
2. 20+ hours of Foundation Video content to step up your investment journey step by step
3.20 live Zoom classes (every fortnight) 
4.12 Monthly Q&A sessions
5. 5 Sectoral webinars
6. The EndGame: Your Investment Framework
7. Access to My Portfolio with alerts
8. Monthly Premium Newsletter
If you want to know about the program you can watch this 5 mins video below

My Path to 20 MULTIBAGGERs |  Sharing My Investment Secrets |  | Investor Mentorship Program |
My Path to 20 MULTIBAGGERs | Sharing My Investment Secrets | | Investor Mentorship Program |
We are running a discount on the course . You can check about the details of the course below:
Sadhan Mentorship Program
My Watchlist
Interview with Mr P Natraj, Managing Director, KPR Mill Ltd
Learning from Masters
Sadhan Portfolio update: Route Mobile
Mindful Investor
Strong quarterly Performance
Super Stock performance (+15 % up today 😀 )

Rs. 729 cr vs Rs. 626 cr in Q4
YoY +93%
QoQ +16%

Profit After Tax
Rs. 71 cr vs Rs. 47 cr Q4 FY22

PAT margin ~ 9.75%

Save Ruin in market
Guess the stock !!
Guess the stock !!
Beyond Investing
Mindful Investor
My Key takeaway from "Man’s Search for Meaning" by Victor Frankl

1. Instead of asking, “what is the meaning of life,” man must recognise that life asks him what his meaning will be. Man is responsible to life to discover this meaning!
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Amitabh Vatsya

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