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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #36

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #36
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #36 • View online
Hi !
I have an important announcement for you!
After over 100 members under Sadhan Membership (Follow My Portfolio) I want to deepen my experience with you so that I can share and transmit whatever little I know about stock market to YOU.
Yes, I am working towards Investor Mentorship Program!
No, It’s not pre recorded lectures unlike many run of the mill investing courses!
No, It is not a Stock market “Course ”
Yes, It is a Fellowship, where the onus of learning is on You. How much you can extract from the guide (here me as 'guide' as real Guide with a 'G' is God)
Yes, I will interact with you over Zoom call on a fortnightly basis !
If you truly believe on just one thing:
‘It is always process which wins’
Then Welcome to this Investor Mentorship Program ! let us discuss and create one for you !
Ping me on whatsapp +919999224715
Let us see what else we have on platter this week!

New Video Alert
Small Cap I am Buying !! Banswara Syntex Stock Analysis हिंदी
Small Cap I am Buying !! Banswara Syntex Stock Analysis हिंदी
I call this small cap as hidden gem because of following factors:
  1. Quality Management with new age thinking
  2. An unlock play on rising demand of premium quality textile export
  3. China Plus One in Fast Fashion
  4. Margin of Safety
How to identify Good Management?
Mindful Investor
That I call a prudent management !
1. Management was Right about the market cycle bottom and upswing in 2022 back in 2020!
2.Profitable <50 % capacity utilization ;Operating leverage now kicking in !
That kind of management one need to back up !
I have covered the auto industry in this small video as a trailer for Ramkrishna Forging stock analysis here
A High Quality undervalued Auto Stock ! साधन  on when to use Price to Book Value? हिंदी  Video
P.S. This video also explains when to use Price to Book Value and when NOT to use PBV!
Nugget of wisdom
“We dig very deep, our approach is: let’s look a mile wide, let’s look at everything that we can possibly figure out and then we find something that seems like it might be a bargain and inefficient pricing then we go a mile deep”
-Seth Klarman approach to portfolio
I recently watched his interview with Harvard Business School on Youtube which now got deleted. So luckily somebody have summarised the key takeaways here. (A must watch)
Seth Klarman 2022 Interview Summary (Fed, Dollar, Interest Rates, Economy & Investing)
Wisdom from Market Guru
here is a great interview to understand investing in pharma !
InCred's Aditya Khemka Talks About All Things Pharma: Talking Point
That’s all from my side !
See you in next version!
Amitabh Vatsya
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Amitabh Vatsya

I tweet about Financial Markets, Stocks, Mutual Funds and Personal Finance mostly & sometimes about Spirituality

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