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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #35

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #35
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #35 • View online
Hi Investors !
Welcome to the brand new edition of this investing newsletter which intends to set a retail investor free from Avidya (अविद्या ) i.e. Ignorance towards विद्या i.e. Knowledge ! As Shrimad Bhagavad Gita says-
“सा विद्या या विमुक्ताये ”
Meaning true knowledge/wisdom always liberates.
I have written a piece on my personal journey towards financial awakening, so to say, here
Talking of becoming a better investor, It need you to get rid of your biases.One bias I come across very frequently is Attribution Bias. Attribution bias is the tendency to explain a person’s behaviour by referring to their character rather than any situational factor. In essence, it leads us to overestimate the weight of someone’s personality traits, and underestimate the influence of their individual circumstances.
You can smell it in yourself in case of PSUs as you tend to avoid investing in PSU altogether, without attributing to the changed dynamics. A case in point here is Indian Railways Finance Corporation . I have made a detailed video on this scrip here:

The Safest Stock in Market crash | IRFC Stock Analysis
The Safest Stock in Market crash | IRFC Stock Analysis
And I received a comment on Twitter below
Video of the Week
Have you ever wondered Why Markets are named after animals such as Bull or Bear? If yes, then a trivial trip to animal kingdom will help you understand the sharemarket
Mindful Investor
Why Markets are called Bull or Bear?
A trivial trip to animal kingdom will help you understand the #sharebazar ;)
Divis vs Gland
2 parameter where Gland Pharma beats DIVISLAB are:
1) Employee cost as they have kept it lower vis a vis competition as well as past
2) Cash conversion cycle Gland Pharma Ltd seem to get better of Divis Laboratories
I have explained this parameter called Cash Conversion Cycle at length here:
Watch Our Complete Analysis of Gland Pharma :
Gland Pharma Stock Analysis
Gland Pharma Stock Analysis
Sadhan Portfolio Updates
If you are wondering why I am still bullish on Real Estate proxy plays? Read this
Mindful Investor
Any commodity price correction mostly happens because of demand destruction and hardly due to oversupply !

I see a good demand for #realestate and a supply restriction due to inflation eating away small developers restricting inventory, so price rise in RE is inevitable !
Zacobite Investors!!
lately, Urja Global had entered into supply agreement for Zacobite (which does not exist). A wise investor would have found out that there was no mention of this element in their past 3 years AR! watch this video to know the complete story:
That’s one more reason to read annual reports !!
All about the unheard chemical element 'zacobite' & the scam around it involving Urja Global

@YashJain88 @SEBI_India #UrjaGlobal #zacobite #scam #fraud #sebi
That’s all for this week ! See you next week !
Thanks for reading !
Amitabh Vatsya
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Amitabh Vatsya

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