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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #27

Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #27
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #27 • View online
Hi All !
Uncertainty is the hallmark of stock market investing ! I am talking about 5-6 large brokerage houses such as CLSA, Credit Suisse etc going underweight on India. Reasons are simple:
1) Indian stocks have already performed quite well since past 20 months , hence they are relatively over valued vis a vis its other Emerging Market peers.
2) Rupee depreciation risk is real as Current Account Deficit is still persisting and crude is going up at least till this winter as energy shortage is real. So as a corollary NIFTY50 will face margin pressure as Crude is Raw material for more than half the NIFTY 50 names.
So a million dollar question is:
What an Indian Investor should do?
Few easy recommended steps to counter this:
1) Take Overseas exposure (via direct equity investment if you can or can invest in good MF with significant overseas exposure.PPFAS Flexicap Fund is a good fund footing the bill )
2) Gold could be a good hedge- so accumulate Gold ETFs upto 4-5 % of your overall equity exposure
Let us have fun while it all is happening. Let us start with a stock game:

Stock Game: Guess the stock ?
Head I win Tail you lose !
🔅 #Q2FY22results ahead of estimate. reported -1% volume growth with + 22% price realization.
🔅Dolat Capital Expect take 5-10% price increase in Q3, believe up stocking ahead of price hikes would drive volumes
Answer is given  at the bottom of the newsletter
Answer is given at the bottom of the newsletter
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Sadhan Portfolio Update
#Electricvehicle is a theme to secure your wealth as we multiplied our investment to 6X in this #Hiddengems - Shivalik Bimetals ! You could have made at least 35% last month !
Check out the video below for complete analysis
Check out the video below for complete analysis
EV Multibagger Stock Idea
Stock Market Course
In continuation of “Investing Course for beginners in stock market”, which is a stepwise modular course for someone who wants to learn the art and science of investing with me, here comes the 2nd booster dose (Module 2) covering How Stock Market Works?
#FREE #StockMarketCourse for Beginners by #Sadhan!
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Mindful Investor
#FREE #StockMarketCourse for Beginners by #Sadhan!
🪜Step by Step🪜
Module 2 : Basics of Stock Market
1.Why to invest in Stocks?
2.What is Stock Market?
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Enhance your Investing Skill
You should not miss this video which explains the 4 Filter Framework for selecting a good bank/ NBFC for long term investing. Sadhan Simplifies the Bank’s fundamentals which led to avoid the stock basis:
1. Balance Sheet Size
3. Borrowing Profile
4. Loan Growth Vs RoE
4 Step Framework used by Buffett & Fisher
4 Step Framework used by Buffett & Fisher
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Answer of “Stock Game: Guess the Stock” -Lux Industries
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Amitabh Vatsya
Founder, Sadhan
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Amitabh Vatsya

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