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Newsletter of Amitabh Vatsya - Issue #13
By Amitabh Vatsya • Issue #13 • View online
Are we in a Bubble?
Sensex hit a new RECORD HIGH ! You might be wondering what are the key reasons for market hitting new high especially when RBI Governor have spoken of caution recently.
My 2 cents on this is here:
Economy and Stock market are correlated meaning both of them can not move in opposite direction for long and stock market shall follow the overall state of economy. The Indian economy has contracted by 8% due to pandemic but Sensex have gained over 100% from the bottom during last year. The RBI has attributed the surge in the stock market mainly to liquidity infused to support the economic recovery and FPI investments.
Talking of FPI Investments, FPI had been net buyers during 10 of the last 14 months. Last 2 months they have been net sellers, so it may be concluded that the yesterday’s sensex record high is not primarily FPI driven. So the other factor left is govt stimulus/liquidity. But my sense is that it is the 3rd factor and that is Retail participation which is at record high and which have been pushing the sensex to new high.
It reminds me of a famous saying in stock market: “You are your biggest enemy !” So beware of your FOMO, beware of your inability to say Stop to Overvalued and touted as Quality Stock because All is not FINE in the market as you can make out if you follow our channel where we keep ourselves updated on new traps and new Cult because Investing is a lone game and not a team sports, so develop your conviction in this market which will help you ultimately - Buy When others are Selling and keep holding till the the fundamentals are intact !
We have discovered one such trap here:

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3. Value chain of Digital Ad Tech industry
then you must watch this video
Affle India Stock Analysis |Multibagger Stock with Network Effect
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Alkem Laboratories Share Analysis| Fundamental Analysis|
That’s it for Today ! Let us meet next weekend !
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Happy Investing !
Amitabh Vatsya
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