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A Mindful Week #33

A Mindful Week
A Mindful Week
Hi, I am Nikolas. This is A Mindful Week, an almost punctual newsletter about living a reflected life.

The Creative Process Special
There is much to learn about inviting the creative spark into our lives from those that keep innovating for decades. 
In this special of our newsletter we are looking at different creative masterminds and their process. 
Is there a formula for creativity? 
Lets look at some creative masterminds and their process that inspired me greatly in the last years:
From Prototype to painting to dish - The magic of Mugaritz
Andoni Luis Aduriz, closes his restaurant for over three months to travel, research and prototype hundreds of dishes with his team.
He then paints 80 ideas and concepts on a wall of creativity. The wall of dishes becomes the driver of creation for 50 prototype dishes that will become their seasons menu.
I still can’t forget the five hours I spent in his restaurant a few years ago - bold, unlike anything and always messing with your mind. This is a place and winning process that has pushing the envelope for decades. 
💡 Take away: Painting his ideas and creating a shared image and direction with his “wall of ideas” allow Andoni and his team to use all their senses to innovate. 
Mugaritz and the wall of ideas - a shared image to enable innovation
Mugaritz and the wall of ideas - a shared image to enable innovation
Meditation, Self Reflection and Time - The magic touch of Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin, music producer, uses meditation and self-reflection to bring out art that speaks from the soul. His studio Shangri-la is an of-site island for creativity - an analogue playing field for creating from the soul. 
According to Rick the most important part of his work is “creating the environment to allowing them (the artists) to be themselves and feel safe to be themselves without any judgement.” I dream of a world where more people and leaders take on this mantra.
💡 Take away: Getting out of planet autopilot to a space dedicated to introspection and valuing your inner voice brings out true art. 
Shangri-La and the secret of space that allows people to be themselves
Shangri-La and the secret of space that allows people to be themselves
A shared vision and a diverse team of experts - the magic formula of Neri Oxman
Neri Oxman, designer, brings together completely diverse teams that she then shields from the world to create pieces that rethink architecture, science and art at once.
She calls this process the “Krebs Cycle of Creativity”. The idea behind it is simple: only when different disciplines merge together can you give birth to something groundbreaking. 
When all disciplines merge to create something completely new, that’s when the creative clock strikes twelve —we are witnessing a Cinderella moment of creativity. 
💡 Take away: Innovation happens if you embrace diversity. Bringing together smart minds from different fields, that work towards a shared goal, can create something completely new. 
Neri Oxman
Neri Oxman
The Krebs cycle of creativity
The Krebs cycle of creativity
Creativity is driven by dedication and process.
From using all senses at Mugaritz Restaurant to rewarding introspection like Rick Rubin and even pushing diverse teams to innovate like Neri Oxman at the MIT Lab - the process to creative insight differs.
But there is a lot to learn by observing those who innovate for longer periods of time.
This is what this edition of the newsletter is for. I hope the selection of links this week highlighting the creative process will spark some ideas in your mind.
As always I would love to hear what inspires you (and will use the best ideas in the coming newsletter). 
がんばって ください,
Picks of the Week
Shangri-La | Documentary Series shot at Rick Rubin's iconic studio
Mark Ronson: Watch the Sound!
Abstract: The Art of Design | Neri Oxman
How Mugaritz drew this season’s menu | food | Phaidon
Music for your ears
Mystery Rainbow Boombox - playlist by Nikolas Konstantin
Quote Of The Week
I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved: all the cities I have visited.
Jorge Louis Borges*
*I discovered this quote through a great project on the concept of “inter-being”, a rewarding angle of perceiving the world championed by the great zen master Thích Nhất Hạnh organised by Carolin Goethel (thanks Caro)
Finishing Thoughts
一 Workshops and big plans: Last year I hosted quite a few workshops and off-sites. For me nothing beats spaces filled with smart people dedicated to understanding and cultivating a closer friendship with their mind and purpose. This year will hopefully bring the same joys.
Alexis and I will kickstart the year with a Volta, a weekend retreat for a hand-picked number of men, including ice-bathing and other interventions in Vilnius coming week.
I am also considering organising a 5 day silent retreat in summer with OHIA and a mindful leadership retreat for mindful renegades in their organisation. In case you are interested in joining, helping or anything else reach out.
に Timetravel: If you are the nostalgic type, or if you are new - here you find the last twenty-nine „Mindful Week“ inspiration letters. Let me know what you think.
Mind travel: If you want to improve in your meditation and grow with others I will continue to hold my weekly sessions at OHIA Meditation studio. My Joy of Meditation sessions take place each Monday 19:00 and Tuesday 20:30. If you have been there, you know I sometimes spice things a bit a little (Salt Bae Style). In the last sessions I brought a violinist and and another a DJ, to explore the topics from a different angle.
TV appearance: Last week we were visited by ARD, a major TV channel, in our meditation studio. If you have time tune in for a cute intro into the why behind OHIA meditation studios, that was shown on German lunch prime-time on Friday. The video gives you an overview over the why, the vision and the how of our meditation studio from the perspective of the two bold founders Elisa and Maggy. I also have a guest appearance guiding a classic Shamatha meditation. 
A Mindful Week is an almost biweekly newsletter about living a reflected life curated by the brothers Nikolas & Alexis. If you like what you read share it with a friend.
We also run a platform for modern self-reflection called Onyra. If you want to understand yourself deeper you might also want to look into our coaching offers for change makers and their organisations.
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A Mindful Week
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